Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Goods, From Bob Walk The Plank

First off, I have to say, that hands down the title of Matt's blog is on the top of my Favorite Named Blogs list.  Bob Walk The Plank, I giggle and smile everytime I say it.  And you know right away he's a Pirates collector, that the blog is about the Pirates, you don't even have to have Pirates in the title.  It's genius.

Anyhow, on to the goods. Or should I say Treasure Trove in following the Pirates theme.

2005 Fleer National Pastime Signature Swings SS-DM
Dallas McPherson, one of those Angels destined for greatness but never quite could make it in the big leagues.  He was the 2004 Minor League HR Champ, hit 42 in 2008 for Albuquerque hitting one in 8 consecutive games.  Played in 117 games for the Angels over 3 years.

2013 Topps Chasing History CHA-GR
Garrett is off to a great start this season, he's already 2-0.

2012 Prism Brilliance B6
2013 Stadium Club Triumvirate T-1A
Two great things about both of these cards: Mike Trout and baseball stitches.
The Prism edges out the Stadium Club though since it's stitches refract!
The Stadium Club is a Triuvirate?  I would swear that Topps made that word up, so I had to got to Websters to see.
It's a word.
Triumvirate :  a group or association of three

Then I read a little further on the back of the card,
"Find the other connecting cards to complete the Triumvirate."

2013 Gyspy Queen No-Hitters NH-JW
2013 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories GS-MT
I have got to get me another Angels no-hitter ticket stub.
Pretty pricey on ebay though.
My dad was at Nolan Ryans 3rd and I have one of the stubs from it but I would like to add a more recent one.
The Angels have thrown 10 no-hitters.
More baseball stitches on the Trout card.

2005 Upper Deck Origins CK1
Another high-hopes Angel, probably one of the most documented and talked about in Angels history.
I think the guy who takes that prize though is coming up at the bottom of this post.
Anyone name him without looking?

I always pulled for Kotchman to do well, still do.  
Wait, is he still around?
Doesn't look like it.  He was released by Miami last August.
Nice on-card autograph.

2013 Gypsy Queen Blue Framed 341/499
I always smile when I think of Jim Abbott.
It was always great seeing him pitch at Anaheim.
I'll have to go back through my score books sometime to see how many times I saw him pitch...or at least how many times I scored him pitch.  I'm sure I saw him more often than I scored him.

2007 Tristar Elegance Showtime ST-BW

Ah, Brandon Wood, winner of biggest (I hate to say disappointment, but hopes were very high) disappointment.  Unlike McPherson, just about everyone wanted Wood to do well and really succeed, or at the least make it in the big leagues.  He didn't accomplish much.
He managed to stick around for 5 seasons though. 

That indentation in the card is from the scanner, it's not a stone embedded in the card.

Really great selection of Angels memorabilia from Bob Walk The Plank (hee-hee)
Now I owe you some serious Piratage.


  1. That throwback uni on the Stadium Club Trout - Awesome!!

    1. Totally agree with Jeff. Great photo and very cool insert.

  2. Glad you liked everything! I'll keep putting Angels cards aside for you.