Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rippin Wax 1993 Fleer Style

Saw a blowout box at my LCS for only 10 bucks so I figured why not?
Ten bucks for a couple afternoons ripping through packs, that's money well spent.
That's good times, not to mention a great escape from life's responsibilities.

I opened a lot of Series 1 packs back in the 90's but never made it to Series 2.
Figured this would be a good time to pick up where I left off.

Actually, I have very few of those Series 1 left including those I kept for Angels, PCs, and some random likes, and most of these in Series 2 will follow the same fate.
I have zero interest in putting this set together.
I'm ripping for the pure joy of ripping wax.

Almost all of these are up for trade so send me an email or comment as to which you need to fill your wants and I'll see if I can hook you up.
Series 2 is cards #361-720.

Here's the highlights:
I picked this card as a representative of the set because I dig the striking and unusually large blue background filling the top half of the card.

And here's a typical backside for those of you unfamiliar with 1993 Fleer.
Pretty well done in my opinion.

Snagged a couple for these PCs.
Seems like there were not a lot of stars in the box.

Tom Glavine Career Highlights #4 and #10
Pulled 2 of the Tom Glavine inserts.
I think I have several of the Series 1 cards still around.

I pulled the Harper first and thought, "Oh that's great. Snag a tough pull and it's Brian Harper."
The Griffey was in the third to last pack I opened making it a great save.

Major League Prospects
I think I did pretty well pulling Major League Prospects.
Not only four, but four different.
The black cards don't scan so well.

ProVisions #3 Cecil Fielder
Never a fan of these.

Snagged all three of the Series 2 checklist cards, even an extra for my Angels team set.

So again, most are available for trade, just let me know.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

TTM Return From Juan Gonzalez

I recently noticed on SCN that everyone was getting returns from Juan Gonzalez, like since July last year! How could I have missed this for so long? So I jumped on the bandwagon hoping the bandwagon was still rolling.  It was.

1991 Upper Deck #646

1990 Donruss #33

1992 Topps Stadium Club #240

Signed in 41 days from his home in Puerto Rico.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Opened This Pack And A Super Bowl Broke Out

Standing in line at my local Dollar Tree, after having grabbed a large padded envelope and a box of peel-n-stick envelopes, I noticed a box of football cards next to the counter. I don't usually pick up random packs of football cards, but this pack called to me.

You guys know these packs. 
A buck each, usually no more than 5 cards, and ZERO chance of pulling a hit. 
But hey, they're only a buck!

Here they are in order.
Drew Brees #54
Former Super Bowl Champion and MVP.
And all-around good guy.

Lamar Miller #12
Now we're getting relevant: a playoff guy from this season, that's kinda neat.

But here is where this pack starts to get spooky:
Matt Ryan #61
Just lost the Super Bowl, he's pointing towards the EXIT sign.

Duke Johnson #19

But now I freak out:
Tom Brady #42
What are the odds of opening a pack of cards less than two weeks after the Super Bowl and finding both starting quarterbacks inside?

And as a bonus, The Super Bowl MVP is also featured on the Panini Gridiron App card.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TTM Return From Buzz Capra

Buzz's autograph completes this 1972 Rookie Stars card for me.

1972 Topps #141

He was also nice enough to answer a few questions. 
 Seven days from his home in Hoffman Estates, IL

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TTM Return From Steve Swisher

  Another down for the 1983 Topps set.

1983 Topps #612

1976 Topps #173

1981 Topps #541

Seven days from his home in Vienna, West Virginia.

Monday, February 13, 2017

TTM Return From Storm Davis

Been mailing out more 1983 Topps cards recently.
Here's one I got back last week.

1983 Topps #268

1984 Topps #140

1991 Upper Deck #639

I like the 1984 set as well, but the 1991 Upper Deck is another Autograph Set I'm working on.
Returned in 7 days from his home in Jacksonville, FL.

TTM Return From Cliff Pennington

2005 Bowman Heritage #331
Pennington signed as a free agent in November 2015, and played in 74 games with the Angels in 2016. He's still on the roster for this season.

I sent this card to the Angels 253 days ago.
The return postmark was from Houston.