Tuesday, February 18, 2020

One Page of Al Wisk

This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels and Patriots.

Actually two pages today because the return letter was two pages long. "And who exactly is Al Wisk?" you might ask.

  Al Wisk California Angels KMPC Broadcaster 1977-1979

Correspondence received @ December 22, 2004

Mr. Wisk also broadcast for the Dallas Cowboys (1972-1975), Los Angeles Rams (1978-1979) and the Kansas City Royals (1980-1982). 
Mr. Wisk is currently a lawyer here in Texas.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

From My Angels Archives - Walter G. Shannon

This letter was given to me a while ago, in a lot of old Angels related stuff, I think by a fellow blogger, but I can't remember who (pretty sure it was not the name blacked out).
This return correspondence, on 1974 Angels letterhead (VERY cool), was written to a fan who apparently was requesting an autograph, but accidentally sent the request to the father of former Cardinal Wally Shannon. At the time, Walter G Shannon (Mar 20, 1907 - July 3, 1994) was the Angels Director of Scouting. 
It's pretty cool that Mr. Shannon would take the time to write, and personally sign, a return letter to the confused fan, and not just toss it all in the waste basket, grumbling that he didn't have time for pesky autograph hounds (Note: WS:jb at the bottom indicates it was typed by someone else, probably Mr. Shannon's secretary).
At any rate, it's very cool to get a non-player autograph of a somewhat behind the scenes, front office guy, although I think Mr. Shannon would have been highly regarded and extremely respected in the industry. Just another part of the overall Angels history.

Interesting tidbits about the Angels Walter Shannon:
He played 6 years in the Minors (1926-1932) mostly as a second baseman.
He was a Cardinals scout under Branch Rickey in the late 50's early 60's, and helped sign Bob Gibson among other eventual Major Leaguers.
He also worked in the Orioles, and Brewers Front Offices, and retired in 1992.
He was the Angels Director of Scouting 1973-1977
 His son Wally Shannon (the target of the autograph request) played for the Cardinals 1959-1960.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Jarrod Washburn Game Card

Jarrod Washburn was selected for a player card in the SportsNut Fantasy Game insert set in 2003 Upper Deck MVP Baseball.

The cards were part of a subset intended to match sports card collecting with fantasy sports, a first of it's kind. Basically you collect points that could be redeemed for MLB merchandise. Apparently the idea went over very well with collectors. The cards were inserted at a 1:3 ratio. There were 90 different player cards total.

Troy Glaus SN1 and Darin Erstad SN2 are the other Angels in the set.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

TTM Return From Chili Davis

I have no record in sportscollectors.net for these specific cards being mailed to Chili Davis. I have a still "waiting" request for a 1993 Select card I sent to the Athletics Spring Training in 2012 however. Maybe he finally returned it but swapped out the cards? Dunno. Anyhow, here's what was returned.

1989 Topps #525

1985 Topps #245

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Angels We Lost In 2019

Annual tribute to those we lost in 2019.

Tommy Tessier
My Son
23 July 1988 - 23 Dec 2019

Jim Bouton
Seattle Angels 1968

Bill Buckner
California Angels 1987-1988

Jerry Casale
Los Angeles Angels 1961

Tex Clevenger
Los Angeles Angels 1961

Jim Coates
California Angels 1965-1967

Andy Etchebarren
California Angels 1975-1977

Ron Fairly
California Angels 1978

Aubrey Gatewood
Los Angeles Angels 1963-1965

Eli Grba
Los Angeles Angels 1961-1963

Lenny Green
Los Angeles Angels 1964

Andy Hassler
California Angels 1971-1976, 1980-1983

Jackie Hernandez
California Angels 1965-1966

Barry Latman
Los Angeles Angels 1964-1965

Jose Moreno
California Angels 1982

Frank Robinson
California Angels 1972-1974

Scott Sanderson
California Angels 1993, 1995-1996

Tyler Skaggs
LA Angels 2014-2019

Leroy Stanton
California Angels 1972-1976

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

When Cards Come Calling

Reader Bob reached out a while back seeking to trade. Since then he's send me three if not four packages of Angels cards. Bob's generous. I sent him a package of oddballs which is what he likes, but I'll have to do more digging to keep up with his additional packages!

I have to admit, I THINK these all came from Bob. I've been in a bit of a collecting/blogging rut this season, during which time incoming cards have all been lumped in together. So if you see a card you think maybe came from you, please accept my apologies. But for now I'm assuming these are all from Bob's packages.

Here are some of my favorites:

2019 Donruss Elite Series #ES2
Ohtani's base card from this 10-card insert set with numbered parallels.
What a fantastic card.

2007 Upper Deck Game Materials #UD-VG
About a 1:24 retail pull for one of the 83-card Game Materials cards. I've always preferred the gray material over the white. Red would be my absolute favorite.

1990 Wonder Stars #3
Found in loaves of Wonder Bread (which I never ever ate growing up - it was too expensive for my large family), Abbott was one of 20 stars in the set with airbrushed MLB logos.

1996 Fleer Smoke 'N Heat #4
These Smoke 'N Heat insert cards (10 in the set) were found in about 1 of 9 packs.

2001 Upper Deck e-Card #E5
From a 2-card pack randomly inserted into hobby boxes, the finder would enter the code on the card front into Upper Decks website to see if they won a signature or jersey card. Pretty cool, as I had never seen these before.

1988 Topp Revco League Leaders #23
Classic 33-card glossy box set could be found East of the Mississippi in 1988.
Downing tied with Dwight Evans for most walks at 106 in 1987.

1989 Topps Ames 20/20 Club #31
You don't see Devon White in a box set set too often, but in 1987 Devo hit 24 homers and stole 32 bases, making him a selection for this 33-card set Topps produced for Ames Toy Stores.

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic #21
I always enjoy seeing Angels vets on retro cards, long after they've retired. Kinda nostalgic.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

One Page of Lloyd Allen

This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels and Patriots  players.

  Lloyd Allen RHP California Angels 1969-1973
Original correspondence received prior to 2005.