Monday, May 22, 2017

TTM Return From Tyler Green

I sent these cards to Tyler not because he was on the Angels, he never was, but because I love the 1992 Upper Deck Minor League set and I love to get them signed. Simple as that.

Tyler signed these for me in 64 days from his home in Phoenix, AZ.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Struck Out But I Still Scored

So I struck out with Topps Bunt when I went to Target to get some, they had none. I grabbed that Donruss fat pack, regretfully, but I also snagged a Bowman pack. I figured I had better, because for me Bowman never disappoints. It's the sole brand that I have consistently been pleased with, both with the design and with the pack contents.

Ten cards for three bucks, still a good deal.

Base: Design is typical Bowman in recent years, but I don't get what's going on in the lower left corner.

Bowman Prospects: Better. The Background isn't as fussy and the design in the lower right has some sort of gem thing going on to match the sunburst in the upper left.

Bowman Chrome Prospects: I'm pleased.

Bowman Scouts Top 100 BTP-21 Green #15/99
A much better card in person.

After that Donruss disaster, I'm happy with this one.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Struck Out Bunting

I was actually excited about Topps Bunt after seeing postings on bloggers pack rips this week. I already pretty much swore I wasn't doing Topps Flagship this year except maybe a pack here and there, and I don't care for Donruss, and I can't justify 3 bucks for 6 or 7 cards of A&G or Gypsy Queen. So yeah, I wanted to get some Bunt. And to get some Bunt I made a trip to Target. Only Target didn't have any Bunt. Dangit!

So what did I do? Grabbed a stupid fat pack of Donruss. I don't know why, and I'm ashamed.

I got the pleasure of ripping a pack, and that's about it. 

No Angels, of course.

The Prospects #TP-4

Retro Variations

The Elite Series ES-21, #055/999


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cards That Caught My Eye #1

Often when thumbing through cards, a particular one will catch my eye for some reason and I'll stop and study it for a moment. 

This of one of those cards:

1988 Topps #649 DeWayne Buice

The colors, especially the red background.

It seems every time I'm going through my 1988 Topps, or through my 1988 Topps Angels dupes box, I stop when I come to this card. First thing that hits me is the red background. I don't recall a big red background like that at Anaheim Stadium, so it might be in another ballpark, but I'm going to assume its a Coca-Cola advertisement. Combine that with the red "ANGELS" at the top, the blue banner with white text, blue border, red/white/blue uniforms and this card screams Patriotism!
And I just plain like the way Buice is standing, toeing the rubber going into his windup.
It's a very appealing card.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Too Much Chrome In His Grille

Oh the things that pop out when thumbing through cards.
Take this Michael Cuddyer card for example:

Can you spot it?

Big glob of extra chrome foil locked in the "C".

After decades of thumbing through cards, you fine tune certain skills...
like spotting inconsistencies.
I love finding printing errors.

Does anyone want this oddity?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Catching Up With SI For Kids

My wife had airline miles. Not enough to use on anything but magazines. So knowing I love the SI for Kids card sheets she got me a subscription. Here follow the first two issues I received.

April 2017 Issue
Francisco Lindor cover, and he's also the pull-out poster, along with the Celtics Isaiah Thomas.
I decided to just show the upper portion since the post office graciously shredded the lower half.

Car Sheet, Cards #604-612
First issue and Tom Brady gets the center square!
Not bad having a Corey Seager card too.

May 2017 Issue
Kyle Lowry Cover.
Shredded even worse than the last issue.
Poster is John John Florence, and WHAAAAAT???!!!

Patriots Julian Edelman!
I'm scoring big in these first two issues.
(Obviously it didn't fit on my scanner)
I think I'll hang this one in my cube at work.

Card Sheet, Cards #613-621
Whoa Buddy!
And Trout gets the center square!

I think I now have both of the SI for Kids Mike Trout sheets.
His first is his rookie card from a 2012 issue.

I can't wait to see what collecting interest I get in next months issue!

TTM Return From Skip Lockwood

I wasn't sure I would get these back, I had heard he maybe wasn't well and had stopped signing. I wasn't concerned about not getting the cards back, or not getting his autograph (I'd gotten him years ago) I was more concerned with Skips health. I believe that the older guys that sign TTM do so because they love it, and because they are able to. So I'm glad to see that Skip had signed these, for his sake.
1974 Topps #532

1975 Topps #417

Skip signed these cards in 118 days from his home in Wrentham, MA.