Friday, December 19, 2014

Greeny, Bluey, and Sparkley Tooie

Texas Rangers Cards sent over a colorful bunch of Angels cards.
After I picked out the four with the most color I noticed that they had some other things in common:
all righties
all throwing the ball
all Angels (no duh)
all making a face
all wearing home jerseys

That's a good sign.
A good sign for what I haven't yet figured out.
But still a good sign.

I can have a zillion of these (not sure if I actually do yet) but every time I get one I'm happy like it's my first.  I would have to say that logo stickers are in my top 3 of all time favorite baseball cards.

Thanks for thinking of me Spiff.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sad News About Ryan Bolden

From the Orange County Register
Ryan Bolden, a former top draft pick of the Angels, was killed in a shooting at an apartment complex in Atlanta on Wednesday night, according to reports.
Bolden, who was 23, was reportedly killed after an altercation that began with children arguing about candy.
The Angels selected Bolden out of Madison (Miss.) High in the compensation round of the 2010 draft, 40th overall. Bolden spent parts of four seasons in the club’s farm system, never higher than rookie-level Orem.
An outfielder, Bolden last played in the minors in 2013, leaving a career .164 average in pro baseball.
“He was a soft-spoken young man who was really well-liked within that locker room,” said Angels Class-A manager Denny Hocking, who ran the club’s extended spring program when Bolden participated in 2013. “People enjoyed being around him. He had an impact on people that he was around.”
Bolden played his first three seasons in the Arizona Rookie League, and Hocking recalled how excited Bolden was to be assigned to a short-season affiliate in 2013.
"I think it was a dream for him," Hocking said.
Although Bolden struggled on the field in the Angels system, Hocking remembered his potential: "He was extremely talented, with a great athletic body. He could make a difference in a baseball game when he put his mind to it."

I got Ryans autograph from Spring Training in 2013.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Todd Greene Rocks! Times FIVE!

In case you didn't know, I'm a big Todd Greene fan.  I love Todd Greene cards.  In my opinion, Todd Greene has one of the coolest assortments of cards of any player I have come across.  Add a sweet autograph to that and you have the makings of a genuine treasure.

1993-94 Fleer Excel #27

Todd is an excellent TTM signer.  He's fast, he signs multiples, and he signs nicely.
(But just to be sure I included a new blue sharpie with the package, and told him to keep it.)

1993-94 Fleer Excel 1st Year Phenoms #7

I love his cards so much that I can't help but keep sending them to him to sign.
In fact, this was the fourth time I've sent him cards.
The fourth time in 7 years, so about every two years.
And I hate to admit it but I've sent him multiples each time.
Not multiples of the same card, but typically around 3 different cards.
This time I sent five.

1995 Best #9

To let Todd off the hook though, I always tell him keep any or all the cards he wants.
He never does though, so maybe I tell him that because subconsciously I know that I'll get them all back signed.

1996 Topps Future Star #213

Look at that.
What a bitchen card with a sweet blue sharpie autograph.
If he had decided to keep one or all I'd like to believe that I would be cool with that.
He hasn't put me to the test yet though.

1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice #440

Yep, Todd Green hasn't failed me yet.
And I don't think that he will.
Because He is Todd Greene.
And Todd Greene is awesome.

I wonder what cards I'll be sending him next year to sign?
I'm a sorry case I know.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Little Stack Of Odds And Ends

Every so often I start a stack on my baseball hutch of cards that interest me, or are kinda curious, or just plain cool. This post with feature some of those cards. NO rhyme or reason, no order, just a bunch of random cards really.

1980 Topps Sweepstakes Card

I love my sweepstakes cards!
Got this one from a colleague I traded with, he included it with a bunch of 1979 and 1980 Topps cards he pulled towards the sets I'm collecting.
He was surprised when I showed how stoked I was to get it.
He said he'd look for more.
I'll have to remind him again to look because I DIG these.

1990 Topps Company Store/Sweepstakes Card

Yeah Buddy, another one!
Like all good Topps products, there are variations even in these sweepstakes cards.
This is a variation on the yellow and green box in the upper right.
There were a bunch of different Company Store cards inserted into packs.
I'm pretty sure that I have all of these, be looking for a post.

1998 Topps Checklist #503

I don't collect 1998 Topps other than the Angels in the set.
This is not an Angels team checklist.
I just thought that the black box in the upper right was really odd.
I first thought it was one of those magic heat sensitive spots but after holding my thumb down over it for a 30 count it didn't reveal anything underneath.
I held it up to the light, it's not glow in the dark.
You can barely see a baseball logo in the black.
Weird design.

1990 Fleer Checklist #655

Now this one IS an Angels checklist.
I was surprised that I didn't already have it.
Every time I come across a team checklist in the junk boxes, I pick it up.
Too many times I've thought I already had it when I actually didn't.

1983 Topps #449

Made a trade on for this Eddie Milner signed card.
I've completed the 1983 Topps set, now I'm going through and collecting as many of them autographed as I can.

1989 Pro Set Super Bowl XX

Up until 1989 the Patriots had only been in one Super Bowl.
This card commemorates that fateful day (see score).
Nice little addition to Patriots binder though.
And a sweet card.

That takes care of the current stack of random odds and ends.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Box Set - 1990 Fleer League Leaders

Just when you think you've seen all of the 10,000 different Fleer box sets from the 80's and 90's, you discover another one.

Introducing (to myself at least) 1990 Fleer Baseball League Leaders, a Limited Edition 44-card box set with 6 Fleer Logo Stickers.

Pretty cool little Listia win.
The reason I went for these is two-fold:
There is an Angel in the mix,
and I wanted the 6 Logo Stickers!

I scanned the set because it's a cool looking design and because all of the cards shown are available to you team, player, or whatever collectors.  Just let me know.

You'll notice some missing cards.
That's because I'm keeping those, and you'll see which one's when you scroll further down.

So anyone need any of those?

Here are the sweet stickers that came in the box:

I'm close to finishing this 1990 sticker set.

So these are the cards that were missing, my keepers:

More than likely it will end up in the Griffey trade box, I'm just not ready to let it go yet.
I like to hold on to Griffey cards that are new to me.
For a while at least.
I'm weird that way.

This will go into the Player Collection binder under Bo Jackson.
Unlike Griffey, Bo has his own pages where I keep a single copy of his baseball cards.
The rest go in the Bo Jackson trade box.

Some with Nolan.
He even has his own binder.

This one goes on the stack for Tim Wallach Cards, where all the Tim Wallach cards I come across go.  The stack is about 6 different cards high so far this round.

And the sole Angel in the box set.
Devo warrants a "Completed Angels Team Set - 1990 Fleer League Leaders" post sometime.
Easy set to complete.

Lot's of cool stuff to be had on Listia.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Big and Little, and Short and Tall

From the immortal words of Barney the Purple Dinosaur:

Big, little. Big, little.
We're big and little and short and tall.
Some are in the middle, some are very small.
We come in all shapes and sizes.
Hey diddle diddle, we're big and little.
And everything in between.
Big, little. Big, little.
We're big and little and short and tall.
Some are in the middle, some are very small.
We come in all shapes and sizes.
Hey diddle diddle, we're big and little.
And everything in between.
Big, little. Big, little.

Let's apply Barneys wisdom, shall we?

2012 Allen & Ginter's Mini Relic Black AGR-VW

Little inside of Big.
But it's only Big because of the Little.
The Little also qualifies as a Short.

1983 Kellogg's No.29

Short and Tall.
Is that even possible?

1987 Sportflics

Little and Short.
Rhymes with Little.
Kinda cute huh?

Not a part of Barney's vocabulary.

Thanks for the assortment Swing and a Pop Up.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Oddball Jim Abbott

Reader Mark has been good to me.
From what I can surmise, he obtains complete sets, pulls the Royals teams sets out, then distributes the rest.  I've been the recipient of some pretty cool Angels teams as a result.  I'm talking like slightly off sets, harder to get, not the generic standard sets out there.

At least a month ago, he sent me another package of Angels teams sets and a few misc Angels cards.
Some of those team sets you've seen posts about, "Completed Angels Teams Set....".  And there a several more posts yet to come.

This time I wanted to show the Oddball Jim Abbott cards that came.

1989 Broder?  Pacific Cards?
Not sure.  No distinguishing markings.
But what a great card!

Another 1989 Broder or Pacific?
Different front, most notably the blue bar at the bottom.
But look at the back.
Exactly the same as the one above.

See what I mean?
So while definitely from the same manufacturer, not necessarily from the same set.
I'll have to email Mark to see if he recalls the sets these came from.

1989 Pacific Cards Baseball's Best Five #6

Says so right on the back.

Love these oddballs.