Monday, August 18, 2014

There's Gems In Those Old Beckett Magazines

I spotted a stack of old Beckett, and a few other, price guides at my local Half Price Books.
I started thumbing through them with the intention of finding baseball card ads for the sets I'm collecting: 1991 Upper Deck, 1995 Emotion, 2008 Fleer Tradition....
I like to include a card wrapper, maybe a box, magazine ads, promo cards/sheets and such with each set.  Kinda make it a mini well-rounded collection.

Or I'll look for pictures or an ad featuring a player I collect.

I picked up this February 1994 Beckett with Paul Molitor on the cover and flipped it over to find this:

Tim Salmon on the back cover with an inset of a Tim Salmon card I haven't seen, and don't have and will now have to go purchase.
This page will get separated from the magazine and put in the Tim Salmon binder.

That's a nice start.  I saw maybe a dozen or so price guides in the slot so I started thumbing through.

I'm collecting the 1991 Upper Deck set like I mentioned, just about completed it actually, so this ad I found for the high number series from a 1991 Beckett will go with the set.

I wanted to see what some of the cards were going for initially in 1991.  I always loved looking to see whether a card had an up or down arrow.  Up being good, an increase in value, and very exciting to see next to a card you had in your collection.  I haven't used or seen a Beckett in a very long time so I don't know if they use this system anymore.  But to me that was one of the highlights of getting a new Beckett.

Hard to believe that Todd Van Poppels rookie card card was one of the more desirable cards in that set.

I'll keep these pages in the binder for the set as well.  Nice little snapshot of the hot players and hot cards when this set first came out.

I bought a lot of 1991 Line Drive back then, not in an attempt to complete a set (they are very large sets) but just to get a nice stash of minor league cards to use for autographs someday.  Someday came and now I typically send out a Line Drive AAA or AA card with the a 1991 Upper Deck card to get autographed since a lot of the players are in both sets.

Another ad featuring Tim Salmon, this one for the 1994 Fleer baseball set.
Salmon was all over the place in subsets for 1994 since he had won the AL Rookie of the Year Award the previous year.  And of all the card companies, I think Fleer outnumbered the others 3-1 in Salmon issues.
If you look at the right side of the ad, you can see about 12 different subsets for that year.

Had I known, I would have jumped all over this offer back in 1994.
I wasn't collecting much those years, or at least not collecting much of the more expensive packs, which if I recall, Fleer was by then.

Good stuff in those old card magazines.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice

Collectors Choice in the mid-to-late 90's, to me, is just a continuation of 1990-1993 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer.  I have no affection towards it. And there's a ton of it everywhere you look.  The designs are boring. And the if you look at the team set above you see all sorts of weird things going on.  Not cool.  One thing Collectors Choice had going for it though were the Silver and Gold Signatures.  That's the only thing that sets it apart.

Anyhow, 25 cards for the Angels team set which included 3 of the nicely done Rookie Class cards, and a lone Arizona Fall League card featuring the greatness of Todd Green to the backdrop of a dried up lake bed.  Doesn't say "baseball" to me.

The backs featured another player picture, usually an action shot, player stats, and a little quiz centered around the team being featured.  That's all fine.

Nothing better than Rex Hudler in a cow-milking contest.

Ah, here's Todd Greene's Silver Signature on his AFL card.  Notice the silver border to really make it stand out.  Nice touch.
And at 1 per pack these were a nice incentive to purchase packs.

I think this is a Silver Signature, even though his signature isn't on it.
This is the checklist card.

The gold bordering, like the silver, make these signature cards jump at you. 
These were inserted just 1 in 36 packs.

Now we're talking, You Crash The Game were an early form of atomic refractor.
3 cards each with different dates.
There's a silver version and a gold version.
If the player pictured hit a home run during the series dated on the card, the card could be redeemed for a, get this, wood-and-plastic card of the player.  Most of these wood-and-plastic cards go for about a buck each now as opposed to the $1.75 it would have cost to redeem the card in the first place.

Another interactive card game insert were these You Make The Play cards.  These were used in a gameboard-like card game.  Two cards per player each with a different outcome. Just need Lee Smith strikeout card for this team set.

Meh.  Glad to have the team set, but it's not in my top ten.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lee Stange Return

I've been sitting on this Lee Stange card for a while; picked it up on Listia I think with a 1962 Topps Angels card I needed.  It's a beautiful card, I just wish it wasn't so off-center.  Anyhow Lee signed this in 10 days from his home in Melbourne FL.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Somethings Wrong With This Picture (#2)

Can you spot the printing error on this 1999 Stadium Club #304?
Nice action shot of a beefy Dave Hollins rounding second base.

Unfamiliar with the design?
Here's a good card:
I don't have the corrected version of the Dave Hollins card but here is Randy Velarde's card that looks almost exactly the same.  The '99 Stadium Club is a really nice looking design.  Simple, like I like it.
Gold and silver foil on embossed lettering, full bleed, no crazy cropping.

Still don't have it?

Here's the comparison:

You can see that the gold foil on the Hollins card is not only missing, but the stamping is off - shifted a bit up.
You can clearly see the remnant of the Stadium Club logo above the silver foil box it was supposed to be inside and how the name shadowing is above Dave's embossed name.

Cool huh?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Set Cards From Fantastic Catch

A few more done on the super-difficult 2008 Upper Deck Timeline set.
Aside from the Velez card, these higher numbers are super hard to get.
The only way I'm going to ever complete this set is through trades like this one.
I'd love to buy another cheap blaster but chances are I might maybe get 3 cards I need out of it.

There's was a nice 2012 Opening Day Jared Weaver insert in there too.

So, thanks for trade Fantastic Catch, and especially thanks for the Timeline.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cards From Andrews Cards

Andrew asked if I wanted to do a blind trade. Yes was my response. There were a few cards in the small stack that I needed.

2012 Archive High Number Jim Abbott #221 SP, 2013 Archives Don Baylor #234 SP
A couple of super great SPs to have, these might complete these two team sets.
Put it on the list to check sometime.

2014 Opening Day Stars
I've pretty much given up on buying packs this year after I went through 20-some Topps Series I rack packs to get the Mike Trout Walmart Variation.
I don't think I
I've bought a pack of Opening Day yet, if I ever even do.

2013 Chasing History
Why did I not already have this card?
You'd think it would be the easiest to get; I already have the foil and the gold.

2013 Bowman Mini
First time I've seen this card.
Pretty cool.

Thanks Andrew.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ten Seconds At The Card Shop

Maybe it was more like thirty minutes.  Or forty-five tops.  But not a lot of time to really find Angels cards.
But in the process of trying to find Angels cards usually I can come across some other odds and ends.

Still picking up these All-Star and Rookies rack-pack insert cards, a seemingly endless number of these.
And if I ever get around to making a want list I'll stop accumulating so many duplicates.
Happily these two are not dupes.

Ah yes, sweepstakes and mail-in cards.
The Stadium Club is now my fourth of this variety, each one having a slightly different color pattern.
I've been picking up the A&G code cards too.
Some day I'll figure out how to organize these.  Right now I just throw them in whatever open spot I have on a 9-card page in my "Others" album.

Hey, there's a couple Angels!
Bowman cards from 2006 and 2008.
My guy at the LCS is always getting boxes of mixed cards, and when I come in he points them out because he knows that what I like to search.
He's awesome that way.

New Ginters!
Close to a team set, just lacking the Rod Carew, Mike Trout, Pujols, and C.J. Wilson SP.
Nice to knock a chunk of a team set out in one sitting.