Monday, January 20, 2020

Jarrod Washburn Game Card

Jarrod Washburn was selected for a player card in the SportsNut Fantasy Game insert set in 2003 Upper Deck MVP Baseball.

The cards were part of a subset intended to match sports card collecting with fantasy sports, a first of it's kind. Basically you collect points that could be redeemed for MLB merchandise. Apparently the idea went over very well with collectors. The cards were inserted at a 1:3 ratio. There were 90 different player cards total.

Troy Glaus SN1 and Darin Erstad SN2 are the other Angels in the set.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

TTM Return From Chili Davis

I have no record in for these specific cards being mailed to Chili Davis. I have a still "waiting" request for a 1993 Select card I sent to the Athletics Spring Training in 2012 however. Maybe he finally returned it but swapped out the cards? Dunno. Anyhow, here's what was returned.

1989 Topps #525

1985 Topps #245

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Angels We Lost In 2019

Annual tribute to those we lost in 2019.

Tommy Tessier
My Son
23 July 1988 - 23 Dec 2019

Jim Bouton
Seattle Angels 1968

Bill Buckner
California Angels 1987-1988

Jerry Casale
Los Angeles Angels 1961

Tex Clevenger
Los Angeles Angels 1961

Jim Coates
California Angels 1965-1967

Andy Etchebarren
California Angels 1975-1977

Ron Fairly
California Angels 1978

Aubrey Gatewood
Los Angeles Angels 1963-1965

Eli Grba
Los Angeles Angels 1961-1963

Lenny Green
Los Angeles Angels 1964

Andy Hassler
California Angels 1971-1976, 1980-1983

Jackie Hernandez
California Angels 1965-1966

Barry Latman
Los Angeles Angels 1964-1965

Jose Moreno
California Angels 1982

Frank Robinson
California Angels 1972-1974

Scott Sanderson
California Angels 1993, 1995-1996

Tyler Skaggs
LA Angels 2014-2019

Leroy Stanton
California Angels 1972-1976

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

When Cards Come Calling

Reader Bob reached out a while back seeking to trade. Since then he's send me three if not four packages of Angels cards. Bob's generous. I sent him a package of oddballs which is what he likes, but I'll have to do more digging to keep up with his additional packages!

I have to admit, I THINK these all came from Bob. I've been in a bit of a collecting/blogging rut this season, during which time incoming cards have all been lumped in together. So if you see a card you think maybe came from you, please accept my apologies. But for now I'm assuming these are all from Bob's packages.

Here are some of my favorites:

2019 Donruss Elite Series #ES2
Ohtani's base card from this 10-card insert set with numbered parallels.
What a fantastic card.

2007 Upper Deck Game Materials #UD-VG
About a 1:24 retail pull for one of the 83-card Game Materials cards. I've always preferred the gray material over the white. Red would be my absolute favorite.

1990 Wonder Stars #3
Found in loaves of Wonder Bread (which I never ever ate growing up - it was too expensive for my large family), Abbott was one of 20 stars in the set with airbrushed MLB logos.

1996 Fleer Smoke 'N Heat #4
These Smoke 'N Heat insert cards (10 in the set) were found in about 1 of 9 packs.

2001 Upper Deck e-Card #E5
From a 2-card pack randomly inserted into hobby boxes, the finder would enter the code on the card front into Upper Decks website to see if they won a signature or jersey card. Pretty cool, as I had never seen these before.

1988 Topp Revco League Leaders #23
Classic 33-card glossy box set could be found East of the Mississippi in 1988.
Downing tied with Dwight Evans for most walks at 106 in 1987.

1989 Topps Ames 20/20 Club #31
You don't see Devon White in a box set set too often, but in 1987 Devo hit 24 homers and stole 32 bases, making him a selection for this 33-card set Topps produced for Ames Toy Stores.

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic #21
I always enjoy seeing Angels vets on retro cards, long after they've retired. Kinda nostalgic.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

One Page of Lloyd Allen

This series will highlight "one page" at a time from my binder of correspondence and autographs from former Angels and Patriots  players.

  Lloyd Allen RHP California Angels 1969-1973
Original correspondence received prior to 2005.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Baseball Card #444 Aaron Altherr

Phillies outfielder Aaron Altherr is card #444 in the 2018 Topps set.
I pulled this card out of a factory set that was recently given to me.

Interesting note that Altherr was the first to hit a grand slam off Clayton Kershaw.
Happened in 2017, 1,922 2/3 innings into Kershaw's career. I wonder if the photo on the card is of that grand slam. He's kinda in a grand slam pose, eyes to the sky.

I also wonder if Altherr got drilled the next time Kershaw faced him. I do know that Retrosheet indicates that the grand slam was the only hit Altherr has gotten off Kershaw in 6 career at bats.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Hitting Crosschecker's Autograph

I was pulling some autograph cards out of my "for sale" box to contribute to Padrographs Autograph Frankenset. As I'd pull a card I'd google the player to see if he has/had any association to the Angels. If he did, I kept that card for myself. Jason Ellison's card is one that I kept for myself, even though he never actually played for the Angels. This card will now go in my Angels Autographs binder.
2005 Topps Total #563

Turns out, Jason is a member of the Angels Amateur Scouting Staff, as the Hitting Crosschecker. Basically he's a scout that gives a second opinion on the reports filed by scouts in the field.

I originally received this autographed card in person, I think at a Rangers game when he played for them in 2008.