Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Guys Are Not Going To Believe This

You remember a couple weeks ago when I received in the mail, only the right half of a business sized envelope with only 2 of the 3 toploaders that were originally sent inside.  You can re-read about it here.  Well, last week, the sender reached out and said that he had eventually received the missing half of the envelope, it had been returned to him since it still had his return address affixed to it.  Crazy!

He said "Sending this to you for kicks."

Kicks indeed.  Here it is:
That's a mess of an envelope.

When USPS returned it to him, guess what was still inside?

Yep, the missing 3rd top loader with the Jered Weaver relic.  And MAN that's a nice card!  It's numbered 23/25.  Super-glad it finally came.

Like I said, crazy.

Oh, he stuck this note to it too:


Think about it now:  a business sized envelope ripped in half by some machine somewhere, 1 toploader in one half, 2 top loaders in the other, not a scratch on any of them.  One half with the senders address went back to him, the other half with just barely enough of my address came to me. What are the chances?

The sender, in his generosity, took it upon himself to throw in a couple more Angels cards including this one:

 1984 Topps Milton Bradley which completes my team set.
Much thanks.

Again, crazy.  But that's what makes trading so fun.  You never know what you might get.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1977 Pepsi-Cola Baseball Stars Glove Discs

Another Mike Schechter Associates disc series like the previous set I blogged about the 1977 Burger Chef discs.
These Pepsi promotionals were designed to be inserted into cartons of the soda, primarily in the Ohio region.
The perforated discs were a bit bigger than the Burger Chef discs, these being 3-3/8 in diameter.  That means that if you punched the discs out they wouldn't fit in standard 8-pocket sleeves.
I can see the discs being punched out, flung at your buddy in your bedroom during Disc Wars, then the empty glove being used as a door hanger.

Only two Angels are found in the 72-card set: Nolan Ryan above and Bobby Grich below.

The Ryan picture used is different than the one used on the Burger Chef disc but
Grich gets the same photo that was previously used, in his airbrushed Orioles uniform.
The front of the cards also include a player checklist, though the cards themselves are unnumbered.

The back of the card contains a coupon for ordering a player tee shirt.
You can get greetings from either Pete Rose, Rico Carty, Joe Morgan, or....
Rick Manning?
Okay, one of these things is NOT like the others.
I wonder how many Manning shirts sold.

The fully gloved disc cards are large as can be seen by the standard 1977 Topps card I compared it to.
My two fit nicely in an 8x10 pocket with one card being upside down.

Here's a blowup of the checklist if anyone is thinking of collecting these.
Since it was an Ohio regional promotion there are plenty of 1976-1977 Indians and Reds in the set.

One interesting note is that two players names are spelled incorrectly 6. Larvel (Larvell) Blanks and 57. Pat Zachary (Zachry).
You can find alot of these Pepsi discs relatively cheap on ebay.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1977 Burger Chef Fun Meal Discs

In 1977, popular disc producer Michael Schechter Associates,  produced a 216-piece disc set for the Burger Chef restaurant chain.  They came in 9-disc team sets on a cardboard fun meal tray.
The disks were unnumbered and were only licensed by the Players Association so they had to have logos airbrushed out.  That means everyone got either a solid black or white hat.

This Nolan Ryan would be my favorite from the Angels team set.
This Ryan card is the most valuable in the whole 216-piece set, making the complete Angels tray the most valuable of the team sets.  Gotta go find me the complete Angels tray now.

The backs of the disks featured different Burger Chef characters.
And some pretty goofy ones at that.  I'm unfamiliar with Burger Chef so I have no idea if these guys were from a TV cartoon or strictly characters for the fast food chain.

Since the others are all just too weird for me (maybe that's my age talking) I'd have to give Jeff the nod as my favorite character of the group (kinda looks like my brother Jeff as well).  Works out great too that Jeff is on the back of Joe Rudi's card.  Growing up a buddy and I wanted to be Joe Rudi so we'd often practice his diving catches out on the front lawn.  Lots of fun.

Here's an example from my collection of a tray that these discs came on.  This Red Sox tray is folded up, but the tray would unfold to create a little baseball diamond game with a stadium backdrop.  There are 9 cards to a team set, so the other 4 cards are on the other side of the box.  The cards are perforated so that they could be punched out.  Oh and look, 4 more goofy characters that served as game pieces.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Goods, From Bob Walk The Plank

First off, I have to say, that hands down the title of Matt's blog is on the top of my Favorite Named Blogs list.  Bob Walk The Plank, I giggle and smile everytime I say it.  And you know right away he's a Pirates collector, that the blog is about the Pirates, you don't even have to have Pirates in the title.  It's genius.

Anyhow, on to the goods. Or should I say Treasure Trove in following the Pirates theme.

2005 Fleer National Pastime Signature Swings SS-DM
Dallas McPherson, one of those Angels destined for greatness but never quite could make it in the big leagues.  He was the 2004 Minor League HR Champ, hit 42 in 2008 for Albuquerque hitting one in 8 consecutive games.  Played in 117 games for the Angels over 3 years.

2013 Topps Chasing History CHA-GR
Garrett is off to a great start this season, he's already 2-0.

2012 Prism Brilliance B6
2013 Stadium Club Triumvirate T-1A
Two great things about both of these cards: Mike Trout and baseball stitches.
The Prism edges out the Stadium Club though since it's stitches refract!
The Stadium Club is a Triuvirate?  I would swear that Topps made that word up, so I had to got to Websters to see.
It's a word.
Triumvirate :  a group or association of three

Then I read a little further on the back of the card,
"Find the other connecting cards to complete the Triumvirate."

2013 Gyspy Queen No-Hitters NH-JW
2013 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories GS-MT
I have got to get me another Angels no-hitter ticket stub.
Pretty pricey on ebay though.
My dad was at Nolan Ryans 3rd and I have one of the stubs from it but I would like to add a more recent one.
The Angels have thrown 10 no-hitters.
More baseball stitches on the Trout card.

2005 Upper Deck Origins CK1
Another high-hopes Angel, probably one of the most documented and talked about in Angels history.
I think the guy who takes that prize though is coming up at the bottom of this post.
Anyone name him without looking?

I always pulled for Kotchman to do well, still do.  
Wait, is he still around?
Doesn't look like it.  He was released by Miami last August.
Nice on-card autograph.

2013 Gypsy Queen Blue Framed 341/499
I always smile when I think of Jim Abbott.
It was always great seeing him pitch at Anaheim.
I'll have to go back through my score books sometime to see how many times I saw him pitch...or at least how many times I scored him pitch.  I'm sure I saw him more often than I scored him.

2007 Tristar Elegance Showtime ST-BW

Ah, Brandon Wood, winner of biggest (I hate to say disappointment, but hopes were very high) disappointment.  Unlike McPherson, just about everyone wanted Wood to do well and really succeed, or at the least make it in the big leagues.  He didn't accomplish much.
He managed to stick around for 5 seasons though. 

That indentation in the card is from the scanner, it's not a stone embedded in the card.

Really great selection of Angels memorabilia from Bob Walk The Plank (hee-hee)
Now I owe you some serious Piratage.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Just Not That Into You Anymore

The main portion of my player collection is comprised of Nolan Ryan, Wally Joyner, Jim Abbott, Tim Salmon, Mike Napoli, and Mike Trout. Mark Trumbo was the most recent player added to my player collection, being added shortly after Trout.    

Here's a typical sheet in my player collection binder.  These are all excess cards after that spot gets filled in the Angels team set binders.  I'll keep one extra card in the player binder then any extra after that go into a plastic player box for trade.

Since Trumbo was traded to the Diamondbacks in December of last year however, my interest in him has tapered off.  I tried to resist this happening as I genuinely do like the guy even though he's not most personable or fan friendly ball player.  I think I was drawn to his size (he's a big dude), and to his potential as a power hitter (the guys a monster). At one point I actually thought that he would turn out to have more of an impact than Mike Trout.  I was wrong there, not by much, but still wrong.

In the past I have continued collecting certain Angels after they've left and gone to other teams.  For these special players I don't have any problem getting cards of them in other uniforms.  He're some representative examples:

Nolan Ryan stays in the player collection, even though I need to collect him on Mets, Astros and Rangers cards.  Some of my least favorite Ryan cards picture him in a Rangers uniform.  This is probably because so many of them were mass produced in the junk wax era.  Still, I'm committed to getting at least one of each.

Joyner went on to play for the Royals, Padres, and Braves, so those teams cards are in the collection.  I haven't picked him up on any Braves cards yet.  I think there are only a few versions out there.

The Abbott collection includes cards from the Yankees, and White Sox.  Abbott also played for the Brewers which I am also lacking cards for.

Mike Napoli is my most recent non-Angels card part of the collection.  Nap is still a pick up for me even on Rangers and Red Sox cards.  And he'll probably stay strong in the collection for any future teams he plays for.

So you see it matters not the team that favorite player goes to.
It's all about the feeling.
And I'm just not feeling it for Mark Trumbo anymore.
I still want the guy to do well, I just don't think he's player collection caliber any longer.
So the Trumbo part of the binder will be dismantled and the cards put back into the Angels dupes box.

Am I too quick to pull the plug on Trumbo?
 But if I change my mind it shouldn't be too difficult in this day and age to pick up his non-Angels cards.
I saw one the other day in a rack pack of the new Topps series, and I just thumbed right on by.
Sorry Bro.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jim Corsi, Carlos Garcia TTMs

1989 Score Rising Stars for the aurographed set, and 1989 Topps.
Jim returned these in 54 days from his home in Bellingham, MA.

1998 Pacific #9 for the All-Time Angels Collection, and a 1994 Collectors Choice #105.
Garcia played in 19 games for the Angels in 1998.
Garcia signed these in 103 days from the Altoona Curve, where he is a coach.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Last 1953 Archives TTM

The last few 1953 Topps Archives I sent out went to the few surviving players that charge $5 an autograph. I don't have the big bucks to spend on autographs, but I had enough to send to a handful of old timers from this set, once I received a bulk of the cards I needed for the set from Howard Bagby.  
Gene Conley was the last card I sent out.

Conley played in the bigs from 1953-1963 for the Braves (Boston and Milwaukee), Phillies and Red Sox.
He signed this card for me in 11 days from his home in Foxboro, MA.
For 5 bucks.