Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's What's Inside That Counts

My sister visits a few times a year and she always brings us stuff when she does. She knows I like baseball and aviation so she usually brings me related stuff that she's found at thrift stores and such. Recently she brought me this vintage kids baseball chapter book.

1956 First Edition
Cool vintage book, but the real goodies were inside, and I didn't discover them until after she left.

An opened pack of 2017 National Baseball Card Day, Angels cards.
I'm assuming these cards were distributed regionally, and since she lives in Southern Cal...the Angels!
I'm also assuming that she's the one that put these in the book and not that they were overlooked by the person that donated the book in the first place.
The card numbers are ANG-3, ANG-5, ANG-7, and ANG-8 which indicates they were the stadium give-away (4-card pack + info card) and not the card shop give-away. The Angels team set is a set of 10 cards, the packs being given out on Aug 16, 2017. 

Back to the book:
Basically, Little Billy is running around town collecting baseball memorabilia for the annual Hobbies Display at school. Didn't read to find out if he ever returned the items or if he hawked them on ebay.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

June Affordable Group Break Results

Cardboard Collections held the monthly group break recently (recently when I wrote this post, but not by the time I finally post this), and after originally passing on the June break, I decided better. By then the second team had already been randomized, but no packs had been busted yet, so Colbey let me jump in and buy the Angels slot at the last minute (otherwise it would have been his, along with like 8 other teams no one claimed). I also ended up with the Mariners, nothing fancy to show there, so those will go into the trade box.
Happy though with the Angels I received.

2003 Upper Deck Forty Man
Pretty sure I needed just about every one of these cards. Interesting that there were no dupes pulled.

 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Collection
Didn't fare as well as I had hoped, but still two cards I needed.

Can't recall which box these came out of but happy to get an example of each of the info or "dummy" cards. You know by now that I collect these stupid cards.

Just a few Angels pulled out of the bonus packs.

Good stuff, looking forward to another Affordable Group Break in the future.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Time Traveling For A Checklist

I recently participated in Diamond Jesters Time Travel Trading and came away with a sweet 1966 Topps checklist card. The idea is to trade something older in return as he's trying to see how old of a card he can eventually end up with. I sent him a 1956 Topps, you can see it in the link.

A beautiful thing is an unmarked vintage checklist.

I found it even more beautiful when I turned the card over:
Fits nicely in my Baseball Cards #444 Collection!

This is actually card #444b "456 Red Sox Rookies"
as opposed to #444a "456 R. Sox Rookies"

So amble over to Diamond Jesters and trade up for some cool cards.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A One-Carder From All Cardinals

Has the Ohtani hype slowed down now that he’s been on the DL? You heard about that right? Ohtani suffered a UCL sprain in his pitching elbow at the start of June.  Potentially he could still hit, so Scioscia considered still using him in the DH spot. Well, he's back now, and his hitting is right where he left off; however, he might not pitch again this year.

Still, most folks are hanging onto their Ohtani cards, maybe thinking they have a goldmine, hoping Ohtani fully comes back and still has massive success and his cards skyrocket like Trout’s rookie card. 

Not Ray though. He offered his Ohtani up because Ohtani doesn’t play for the Cardinals; therefore, Ohtani doesn’t fit his collection. Simple.

My reason for desiring the card is equally as simple: Ohtani is an Angel, and I’m an Angels team collector. Value doesn’t matter in this case, actually it counts against me, making it harder to complete team sets that have an Ohtani (or Trout) in them. And there’s another reason: I’ve been striking out big-time on pulling any Ohtani cards, and the gross lack of product in my area makes it even tougher. So, fortunately, when Ray put his card up for dibs, I was able to be the first to respond.

Not a fancy chrome refractor, or purple parallel or anything like that, but still a sweet Ohtani that I didn’t have, and truthfully, didn’t think I’d ever have. So thanks for offering it up Ray. Very much appreciated.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

June Listia Winnings

Had a good month on Listia, a nice variety of goodies won in June.

1982 Topps Stickers #41

1986 Fleer #310

1983 Donruss Checklist #339-442

1991 Topps Match The Stats Game Card
Odd combination. They probably thought the Joe Carter card was the draw, but for me it was the game card.

1964 Topps High Number #554

1960 Topps #212

1960 Topps #166
One of only two non-Angels teams sets I'm working; 1954 Bowman Brooklyn Dodgers is the other

2004 Leaf Certified Materials #65

2002 Topps Opening Day #70

2002 Topps #100

1991 Studio #136
A little rough, but it will serve as a filler until I find a better copy.

1998 Topps #5

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Hot Shots #18
The Ralph Santana autograph was a GIN bonus.

1972 Topps Checklist #251a "Small Print"

That's it for June.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

9-Card Pocket Post

I'm following the contest theme for It's like having my own Card Shop's 9th Blog-O-Versary Contest.
But rather than pick 9 individual cards, I decided I wanted to select one of my favorite 9-card pages in my collection. And the first page that came to mind was this one. 
I love this page.

These are all testimony cards, that I think were produced in the 90’s, based on the players I have. I love the simplicity of them, and the different colored borders. And a whole page them just looks fantastic. I have 12 different cards in this style, and I’m always looking for others.

So there you have it.
And Happy Ninth ILHMOCS!

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Goods, From Bob Walk The Plank

With a nod to the signing off of the Bob Walk The Plank blog, I thought, in tribute, I'd repost the first trade (I think) that we ever made back on April 15, 2014. These trades always seemed to be one-sided, Matthew has always been very generous with the relic and autograph cards, the type of stuff I typically dont have much of to send in return, let alone much in the way of Pirates. But we've made some great trades and I hope to continue in the future. Anyhow, heres the old post, and sincerely, your blog will be missed.

First off, I have to say, that hands down the title of Matt's blog is on the top of my Favorite Named Blogs list.  "Bob Walk The Plank", I giggle and smile every time I say it. And you know right away he's a Pirates collector, that the blog is about the Pirates, you don't even have to have "Pirates" in the title. It's genius, and funny, and clever.

Anyhow, on to the goods. Or should I say on to the Treasure Trove, in following the Pirates theme.

2005 Fleer National Pastime Signature Swings SS-DM
Dallas McPherson, one of those Angels destined for greatness but never quite could make it in the big leagues. He was the 2004 Minor League HR Champ, hit 42 in 2008 for Albuquerque hitting one in 8 consecutive games. Played in 117 games for the Angels over 3 years.

2013 Topps Chasing History CHA-GR
Garrett is off to a great start this season, he's already 2-0.

2012 Prism Brilliance B6
2013 Stadium Club Triumvirate T-1A
Two great things about both of these cards: 1. Mike Trout and 2. Baseball Stitches.
The Prism card edges out the Stadium Club though since it's stitches refract!
The Stadium Club is a Triuvirate? I would swear that Topps made that word up, so I had to got to Websters to see.
It's a word.
Triumvirate :  a group or association of three

Then I read a little further on the back of the card,
"Find the other connecting cards to complete the Triumvirate."

2013 Gyspy Queen No-Hitters NH-JW
2013 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories GS-MT
I would love to have another Angels no-hitter ticket stub.
Pretty pricey on ebay though.
My dad was at Nolan Ryan's 3rd and I have one of those stubs.
The Angels have thrown 10 no-hitters.
Maybe I'll keep an eye out for one of those other one's.

2005 Upper Deck Origins CK1
Another high-hopes Angel, probably one of the most documented and talked about in Angels history.
I think the guy who takes the ultimate prize though is coming up at the bottom of this post.
Anyone name him without looking?

I always pulled for Kotchman to do well, still do.  
I wondered if he might still be hanging on somewhere but he was released by Miami last August.
Nice on-card autograph.

2013 Gypsy Queen Blue Framed 341/499
I always smile when I think of Jim Abbott.
It was always great seeing him pitch at Anaheim.
I'll have to go back through my score books sometime to see how many times I saw him pitch...or at least how many times I scored him pitch. I'm sure I saw him more often than I scored him.

2007 Tristar Elegance Showtime ST-BW
Ah, Brandon Wood, winner of biggest (I hate to say disappointment, but hopes were very high) disappointment. Unlike Dallas McPherson, just about everyone wanted Wood to do well and really succeed, or at the least make it in the big leagues. He didn't accomplish much.
He managed to stick around for 5 seasons though. 

That indentation in the card is from the scanner, it's not a stone embedded in the card.

Really great selection of Angels memorabilia from Bob Walk The Plank (hee-hee)
Now I owe you some serious Piratage.