Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Father

This is one of my favorite photos of my Father. This photo was taken in 1982 when I was a senior and my parents came to watch me run the mile relay in the CIF State Finals (California). Leading off the relay, I false started, and being the State meet you are automatically disqualified after the first false start. I'll always remember the hug he gave me afterwards. Anyhow, he is also fully responsible for my baseball fanaticism, and my devotion to the Angels.

We grew up in Fountain Valley, not far from Anaheim Stadium. I grew up seeing Nolan Ryan pitch, and Frank Tanana, Mickey Rivers and Joe Rudi, and getting autographs down the 3rd base line. I was a Junior Angel for many years.

My dad gave me this ticket stub from Nolan Ryans 3th no-hitter, which he had been in attendance. He had two such stubs. My dad couldn't remember who he had taken to the game, but I like to imagine that it was me, although I would have been 10 and have no recolection of ever being there. It's nice to dream.

Thought I'd throw in a 74 Topps Nolan Ryan card so you can visualize him throwing that no-hitter.

In 1979 my dad scored this game between the Angels and the Tigers, a Nolan Ryan start where he struck out 16 batters, and got the complete game win.

I came across this scoresheet of my fathers when I was around 19. I never paid any attention to scoring games but I was now fascinated with the idea of showing what actually happened in a ballgame, that here was actual proof that my Dad was at this game where Nolan Ryan struck out 16 Detroit Tigers. This is what got me addicted to scoring games. Now I'm so obsessed that I might see something historical and not have any record of it that I can't go to a game to just watch it, I have to score it as well.

The top of the order didn't fare so well against Ryan's heater.

He also passed on this old 1979 media guide.

I loved the idea that he kept a running total of the Angels record that year, with a weekly win/loss total at end of each week. Red is a loss and blue is a win. Looks like they had a nine-game winning streak in April.
Anyhow, Happy Birthday Dad, and thanks for sharing with me your love of baseball.

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