Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yeah, it's my birthday today so I thought I would post a bunch of my favorite cards in my entire collection, not just the Angels, and in no particular order.

1954 Bowman Carl Erskine autograph. One of the most gracious signers out there, Mr. Erskine was nice enough to add his no-hitter dates making this card especially cool. The '54 Bowman is one of my favorite designs, and any Brooklyn Dodger looks good on a baseball card.

1972 Topps Nolan Ryan. This card and the 1975 Topps are tied for my two favorite Ryan cards. I love the funky Angels font. Ryan is my all-time favorite player.

1990-91 Score Theoren Fleury autograph. The dude was all over the ice, all the time. My first Ducks game in 1993 was against the Flames, where Theo came to life. He needed one of those blue streak thingies like they had for the puck.

1993 Angels ticket stub signed by Jimmy Reese. One of two Reese autographs in my collection. I like this one because I was with my 4 year old son and Mr. Reese was kind enough to stop and ask us a couple personal questions. Nicest guy ever.

1921 W551 Walter Johnson strip card. I always wanted a Walter Johnson card in my collection. He was the old-school Nolan Ryan.

1952 Wheaties Stan Musial, batting position. Simple but awesome.

1969 Topps Johnny Bench. As close as I'll get to a Bench rookie. Bench holds a close second to Nolan Ryan, though I've never seen in play in person.

2007 SP Legendary Cuts Nolan Ryan Jersey. You can't go wrong with a Ryan Angels jersey card.

1993 Ted Williams Co. Duke Snider autograph. I dig the black and white, the ghosted image, the way the blue autograph pops out and the fact that he signed it down the side. Nice touch Duke.

1956 Topps Virgil Trucks autograph. One of the great old-timers, and just an all-around great guy. I've always been fond of the larger sized '56 with the portrait in the foreground and the action shot in the background.

1956 Topps Wayne Terwilliger autograph. Got this one signed in person. I watched as Twig was so thoughtful and meticulous with his autograph. But what I like best is that he dotted his "i" right on his tooth!

2009 Tommy Tessier Custom Material Card. I made this card of my son with a swatch from an old little league jersey I kept, the same one he's wearing in the picture. He's 21 now.

1989 Pro Set Dick Enberg autograph. My favorite Angels announcer. Yes I realize it's an NFL card.

1992 Skybox Tim Salmon autograph. It's a Tim Salmon autograph! On a Tim Salmon rookie card! And it's TIM SALMON!

Dolly Madison Linus. Don't remember when I got this, probably in the mid-seventies, but I know it's the one card I've had the longest. I know it came in a box of vanilla Zingers. MAN I loved those Zingers.

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  1. Happy B-day (a few days late)! Good group of cards, especially the one of your son...that is so cool.