Friday, October 28, 2011

Inserts From The Sort Stack

I've purchased several rack packs, jumbo packs and individual wax packs of Topps over the last month or so.

Since my sort and file stack is getting large I thought I'd pull out all the inserts and show them here.

Most of these are available for trade.

Updates and Highlights Josh Beckett All-Star Jersey AS-19
Lineage Platinum Justin Verlander #187
Lineage Stand Up Roy Halladay
Diamond parallels
Cognac Diamond Parallels
Gold Granderson 1918/2011 and Lance Lynn 0649/2011

Kimball Champions

And of course Angels!

Always looking for similar Angels in return for trade.


  1. Put me down for the Rangers diamond parallels and the Ianneta cognac. I'll take any unclaimed diamond or Cognacs too. I'll find something for you!

  2. I'd love to work something out for the Kimballs, diamond Snider and cognac Bert.