Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been getting a slow trickle back of 1965 Topps cards, and others, that I've sent out recently.  Let's get caught up.  WARNING if smudged autographs disturb you, go no further.

Bill Pleis 10days sent to his home in Bradenton FL.

Mike White 10 days sent to his home in Sun Lakes AZ.
Mike answered a couple questions too.
I asked him if he could would he change anything about his career:
"Stay away from serious injuries.  I had a dislocated knee, broken wrist, torn ligament in my rt shoulder from running into walls."

Fred Gladding 10 days from Columbia SC.

Solly Hemus 27 days from Houston TX.

I asked Solly what his favorite meal was
"Wild salmon from Alaska."

And what he would read first when he opened the newspaper
"Go to the sports section and see what the Cardinals did."

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