Sunday, July 22, 2012

2006 Topps Crappy Discount Rack Pack

OK so I fell for it again.

But how can anyone pass up a $1.59 rack pack!?

The promise of 3 VINTAGE Topps cards keeps suckering me.

I just KNOW that I'm bound to get something really good like a star card from the 50's, or at least decent common from pre-1968 right?

Don't you all think that?


Of the 2006 Topps cards inside, this is the best one.  Seriously.
And only because just last night I watched for the billionth time my MLB 2002 World Series DVD and enjoyed the Game Two segment where the Angels shelled Russ Ortiz for 7 runs in 1.2 innings.

Typical inserts.  Lame

Ok so I made it to the pack with the vintage Topps cards.

Ready for this?

In order:

Can someone explain how a 2006 checklist IN A 2006 RACK PACK is a VINTAGE CARD!!



  1. I guess it would be ok if you were a checklist card collector lol but yea that sucks...I would still probably pick one up myself though just for the laugh.

  2. Looks like you got shorted a card (card was probably taken out and rack pack repackaged).

    The "vintage" cards in 2006 rack packs were grouped together in the middle portion of the three compartments. There were 3 vintage cards, but the 2006 checklist was always in the middle portion, too. So Topps didn't intend for the checklist to be a vintage card, there's just a vintage card missing.

    I opened zillions of these, so I have the packaging memorized.

  3. I opened up one of those 100 card repackaged deals that promised 3 vintage cards I got 3 "vintage" cards as promised assuming by vintage you mean Pre-1980. The 3 I got were 2 manager cards from 1978 and a 1979 card.