Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up With Josh Hamilton

I was out of town when the news broke, hence the late entry about the Angels purchasing Josh Hamilton. I was completely shocked and surprised by the news. I never imagined a scenario where Hamilton was an Angel, I never wanted a scenario where he was an Angel. I kept seeing Gary Matthews Jr, or Vernon Wells all over again. Anyhow....

When Josh first came to the Rangers he was very accessible and accommodating along the right field line at the Ballpark. I had the opportunity to get his autograph in person many times along that rail, or at Rangers events.

Lately though, I've been purging my collection and Josh was close to being next on the list. In fact, I had pulled most of the cards I have and had them in a stack to start posting on Listia or offering for trade on SCN.

I put the kabosh on that with the signing.

Glad that I can already check him off my All-Time Angels collection
(I know he hasn't played a game with them yet).

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