Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Done With That One, Done With This One, Now On To Another One

Done with that one.
Denny McLains autobiography.
So bad I couldn't finish it, and it's rare that I don't finish a book, even a bad one.
I just couldn't take all the crap anymore.
Nothing was his fault, obviously distorts and exaggerates stories, can't remember the details.
Blah, blah, blah.
I need another break from baseball after this junk.

Done with this one.
I had to read about real heroes after Denny McLains garbage.
This in an outstanding and riveting book about six Medal of Honor recipients.
Their stories are captivating enough but all the additional detail the authors added for background to the medals history and of the conflicts these soldiers were in made it such a great read.
And a quick read too.
My wife gave me this book for Fathers Day.

Now on to another one.
I picked this one up at a little bookstore on a recent family trip to California.
The Pacific is my favorite theater of operation in WWII.
Plus I was attracted to the jacket art which is very similar to that of Gordan Pranges' books (At Dawn We Slept, Miracle at Midway...)

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