Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Bunch Of "Last Card Needed" From Jaybarkerfan

I've learned from experience that you can fit 8 pretty stuffed team bags in a small flat-rate Priority Mail box.
So I knew by the feel and the weight of this box I received from Jaybarkerfan that it was stuffed.
And that got me excited, looking forward to the surprise that awaited.

I opened the box to a warm welcome.
The Priority Mail box thanks me for using Priority Mail.
I thank Jaybarkerfan for using Priority Mail.
And there inside are the 8 team bags I hoped would be inside.

As I went through them I noticed that many were not only cards I needed for team sets, but that many were the last card I needed to complete the team set.

Let's pick out some of the goodies.

1979 Hostess #38.
Its refreshing to see a Rod Carew card without the headband.
This is not the last card I needed for the team set, but I'm at least one card closer to these harder-to-come-by cards.  Not bad on the cut job too.  A little close to the dashes on the bottom, but acceptable.  I have some pretty badly cut cards.

1991 Score Super Stars #66.
Last Card Needed.
Winfield has wheels.  Look at him eyeing his deep drive to right, the ball bouncing off the wall a ricocheting past the fielder as Winfield is motoring (whats your price for flight) down the base path and pulling into first for a standing single.
I don't think he was very fast at this point in his career.

1992 Classic II #T1.
Last card needed.
Look at any Jim Abbott card that pictures him in the act of pitching and you will see the same thing:  compact, power, intensity.  No falling off the mound, arms flailing, hat flying off.
Compact, power, intensity.

2008 Upper Deck First Pitch #381.
Last card needed.
It had to be a Lackey I needed.
Ask any Angels fan for one of the most despised ex-Angels and most will probably name John Lackey.

1988 Topps Glossy Rookies #5.
One of the two I needed, so half way there.
Classy set.

1994 Upper Deck #334.
Not the last card I needed.
I"m drawn to red/white/blue uniformed teams.
Been a Patriots fan since I can't remember when.
Favorite National League team is the Braves.
My high school colors were red/blue/gold (close enough).
I served in the Air Force.
And of course the Angels.
I liked this action shot of Greg Myers chasing down a pop-up back towards the net.  
He threw his mask off, but his helmet stayed on a little longer until it fell down his back as he gazed skyward for the ball.
I have a strong feeling he caught it.

1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection #156.
Not the last card I needed.
But another cool Greg Myers card.
The scan takes a lot of the bling away from this card,
but the Pinnacle light is still shining down on Greg.

1998 Donruss Hit List #359.
Not the last card, but one I still needed.
The back of this card notes that Salmon was #21 on the top 30 batting average list for 1997 with an average of .296.  Anyone remember off the top of their head who lead all of baseball that year?

And many more Salmons too.

1990 Upper Deck Halo Magazine insert.
Not the last card, but the first single.
These came in 3-card perforated strips in issues of Halo Magazine, the teams program.
I have the complete set of cards, all in strips, but none separated like this one.
The back of the card is similar to the 1990 Upper Deck issue.

1992 Upper Deck Comic Ball #193.
1992 Mr. Turkey Superstar #1
Not the last cards but the first(s).
Two really nice oddballs for the Abbott collection.
I'll accept Comic Ball cards with Jim Abbott for the team collection but I'm not about to try to actively collect them all, nor all the Nolan Ryan, or Reggie Jacksons.
That would drive me batty.

1990 Donruss Best of the American League.
Not the last, but the firsts.
I like these so much better than the red base set.
That might be because I am so sick of red base set, it being massed produced in the junk era, and you find them EVERYWHERE.
And people seem to think they are "vintage" and worth a fortune.  
Like these two that can be had on ebay for a cool $150.00:

Free shipping of course.
And No they're not the rare Aqueous Test issues.  
The guy thought it would be better to offer them as a father/son combo.
He was told based on condition that he could get that much.
Granted he does have Best Offer available.

But back to the blues.
In my opinion, take away the awful splatter paint and easily one of the best looking cards of the era.
That shade of blue is captivating.

Look at this:
(Not my best editing but you get the idea.)
Isn't that a beautiful card?

I got Jimmied.

Good stuff JBF.


  1. I think that is better than getting Bipped. At least I'm pretty sure it is.

  2. I didn't know you needed that Winfield, or I would have sent you one of the 10 I have somehow amassed.