Friday, May 30, 2014

Cards From I Dunno

Did it again.
Got a package of cards, excitedly went through them, pulled a few to show, put them in a sheet, set them aside to scan, didn't scan till at least a month later, left no trace of who sent them, (heavy sign).

Here are a few of them for you look at and say "Hey I think I used to have that one...and THAT ONE."

And if the next few following cards don't seem familiar to you, the Tim Salmon at the bottom certainly will.

Just an all-around bitchen card.

Topps Director of Photography: "I have a great idea!  Let's do the photoshoot of the new draftees standing in front of the gates to the local zoo!"
(I know its a Spring Training facility, so just play along)
Assistant Photographer: "And so we know what team they're with they can hold a batting helmet!"
Topps Stylist: "And make sure they hold their head crooked like all best portraits are being done these days."
Topps Director of Photography: "Genius!!"

An even MORE awkward shot of Jorge Fabregas.
Is he playing Red Light Green Light?
Mother May I?

Captured on camera:
Howie Kendrick breaking the Morales Rule: No jumping on home plate.

I never understood the idea behind the peel off coating on Topps Finest.
If you don't peel the coating you can't fully appreciate the greatness of theTim Salmon card, or of the design itself for that matter.  The flash of the chrome is muted, the colors faded.  
If  you peel it off though is it now a used card?  Will you forever look at it and think there's something missing?
Why do you torment me with your gimmicks Topps?

And the jolt you needed to say "I sent them to you Tom!"

A Tim Salmon distorted image full bleed 90's card show free promo giveaway card.
Atomic refractor lettering before atomic refractoring was even a glint in it's parents eyes.
Ohhh, this is a thing of beauty to me.

Thank you, whoever you are.


  1. I remember pulling early chrome cards with scratches all over the surface... which stinks if they were refractors. I always sent those back to Topps with a very angry letter. I always assumed the coating was a quality control that protected the card until it was in your hands. Once I was ready to put the card in a page, I removed the plastic protective layer.

  2. That last Salmon is outstanding. Digging the late 70's/80's uni.

  3. Yeah, that ROY Salmon is doin' it for me.

    One of my collecting goals is to have two of every FInest Griffey card so I can peel one and keep the other unpeeled. It's not a front-of-mind goal, but it's in the works.