Sunday, June 8, 2014

Will They Ever Learn?

Anyone who ever played in the Major Leagues, and was willing to oblige, has signed his name to a baseball card or something similar. I'm pretty sure that anyone who ever played in the Major Leagues will consistently be asked to sign cards for the rest of their life.  And I also believe that everyone who played in the Major Leagues and signs cards, knows that Sharpies are the best choice for autographs, and that ballpoints, pencils, markers, or other type of writing tools are frowned upon by the collecting community.

The focus of this post is my most recent TTM return, Darryl Scott.

On Monday, May 12 Card Buzz posted a TTM return from Darryl Scott, a former Angels player who's autograph I did not have in my All-Time Angels collection.  He posted this card:

A beautiful 1993 Fleer Final Edition.

Look at that nice bold blue sharpie signature!  I thought "Sweet, I'll throw a couple cards in the mail for Darryl to sign with that nice bold blue sharpie too!"

A couple weeks later I got them back.  No nice bold blue sharpie autographs though.

Ah Man.  He used one of those frowned upon other writing tools.
Dang it!

I only mailed these a week after Card Buzz, Darryl, where's the nice bold blue sharpie Man?!
I can't imagine you wore it out already.

if I were really ate up about autographs I'd remail two new cards and include a nice new bold blue sharpie for him to use.  But I'm not ate up.

In Darryl's defense though he did take the time to thoughtfully answer my personal questions, something very few players do anymore.

All-in-all I am pleased to have these cards back with an autograph in any form, my rant is all in fun, 
but again....DANG!


  1. I guess it's another case of how beggars can't be choosers.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Card Buzz got his Darryl Scott autograph last year in the Fall Leauge, not TTM. I was standing right next to him when he got it.