Sunday, March 15, 2015

Checkin It Off - 1983 Fleer Checklists

Fourteen-card checklist series for the 1983 Fleer Baseball set.
I've always liked how Fleer grouped cards by teams and featured one team per checklist side.
The red marked cards are from the original set I tried to put together back in the 80's.
I replaced those cards in the Master set.

Too bad for me that the Angels didn't make it on the glamorous front side of the card.

Thanks again to Dion for not only helping me finish the 1983 Fleer Master set but also this additional checklist set.

And does anyone know how to make a cropped 9-pocket scan the same size as a non-cropped 9-pocket scan.  The mismatch in card size above really bugs me.

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