Friday, September 9, 2016

The Details Are In The Bling

Here's a small selection of cards from a nice Angels package from The Night Owl.

1996 Pinnacle #26 Tim Salmon
Seriously, how many times have I looked at that golden triangle at the bottom of 1996 Pinnacle?
And this is the first time I've noticed the little batter within the bling.

2015 Stadium Club True Colors TCA-AP Albert Pujols
Reminds me of a Rainbow Pop.

1995 Pinnacle #35 Garret Anderson
Newest member of the Angels Hall of Fame.

1990 OPC #530 Mark Langston
"Now With Angels"
So do I count this towards the team set?

2015 Elite Extra Edition #27 Taylor Ward
Big club catcher-in-waiting.
Hit .249 with 10 HR in single-A this year.

2012 A&G Mini #48, Allen & Ginter Back Jordan Walden

1969 Topps #296 Andy Messersmith
Ah, the look and feel of vintage.

Thanks for the cards Greg.


  1. You're most welcome. I've never had a rainbow pop.

  2. Now I want a rainbow pop... appropriately, some pretty "sweet" cards too!

  3. I remember the "astro pops" that looked like that. I wonder where Greg got that 96 Pinnacle card. Opeechee is opeechee, so if you need another 90 Topps Langston, just let me know.

  4. The Langston should go with the team set. Well at least that's what I did

  5. Don't feel bad. It took me forever to notice the little player in the Pinnacle pyramid too.