Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beefing Up The Fregosi PC

Made a COMC purchase and picked up a handful of Jim Fregosi cards, and another card I needed to complete a team set.

1969 MLB Photostamps
This will be a tough, and probably not cheap, team set to pull together.

1969 Topps Decals
These things are a lot smaller than they look.
The photo is about the size of a small postage stamp.
But they're super cool.

1970 Milton Bradley
This single card makes up the Angels team set for 1970 Milton Bradley.

1988 Topps #714 Blank Front
Jim has several other blank front/back cards that I still need.
This one is my first.

1988 Coke Chicago White Sox
Boy, some of these oddball and minor league manager cards can get kinda pricey too.

1991 SmithKline Beecham MDA They're All All Stars #15
Clearly airbrushed, but clearly an Angels uniform.

1971 Jack In The Box California Angels
Finally getting this card completes the team set. Mark Hoyle sent me the rest of the set a few years ago, minus the Conigliaro (notice it's spelled wrong on the card) which he saved for his PC. No prob. I was stoked to get the cards he sent.

Stay tuned for a post on this sweet little team set.


  1. love all the oddballs, esp the Beecham.

  2. I'm glad you found the Tony C. That's one of his toughest cards to track down

    1. And thanks again for all the other awesome cards. I love this set.

  3. Fregosi's got some interesting oddballs. Haven't seen the Coke before.

    COMC sellers want way too much for minor league cards. I've got several PC's that have manager or coach cards, but I can't see paying more than a buck a shot for them. There's gotta be another outlet for those somewhere.