Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Prize Package From $30/Week

It was a while ago that I was a winner for $30 A Week Habit 100 Word Contest. And Robert was nice enough to not only knock off some of my Top Ten Wants but also some other tough Patriots cards I needed.

1962 Topps #176 Eddie Yost (Batting) Green Tint
No comparison to the crappy "tinted" cards Heritage put out a few years ago.
This one's the real deal.

1990 Kenner Starting Lineup Jim Abbott (Head Shot)
Been pecking away at the Angels Starting Lineup cards...getting closer but the 1988 series will be toughies.

1995 Emotion N-Tense #7 Mark McGwire
Down to just one card to complete the Master Set: N-Tense #6 Ken Griffey Jr.

2012 Topps #37 Mike Napoli Walmart Blue
This is the only player "Rainbow" outside of Angels, that I'm going for.

1977 Topps #50 and #88
These two complete the team set!

1968 Topps #72, #98, #124 and #150
The Art Graham card is from the second series.
These also complete the team set!
Such a great feeling.

Wow, those are some colorful backs!
This would be a great football set to collect, very appealing.


  1. That looks like it was a pretty good prize pack, for what was a really good contest. The '68 Topps football set is a fun one to work on, definitely worthy of some consideration.

  2. Any day that you acquire a new 1962 Topps, it's a good day.