Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cards That Caught My Eye #2

Often when thumbing through cards, a particular one will catch my eye for some reason and I'll stop and study it for a moment. 

This of one of those cards:
1991 Topps #704 Devon White

The background.

I saw this card on another blog in the last several months and it caught my eye like it never had before. I've seen this card many times obviously, but this time the shaded stands in the background and the sun hitting Devon like it does, really make him pop out. I was puzzled with the background for a moment wondering if the photo was manipulated with a purple wash, or even if it was a printing error....too much, or not enough ink. Anyhow it has an almost 3-D effect.
And I'm not a big fan of the 1991 Topps design, so for one of those cards to stand out is really saying something.

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