Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pack War's 2000th Post Contest Winnings

Corky at Pack War had a 2000th post contest recently, and I WON!
Reaching the 2000th post, that's a big accomplishment. Just checking out his sidebar you can see that he's been doing this since at least 2009 (Hey, same year I started this blog!) except that he averages about 220 posts a year, and I'm probably around 150 a year.
Got a ways to go to get to my 2000th.

So being the lucky winner, I got first choice of a handful of great prizes, and I went with this one:

1993 Ted Williams #108 Buck Leonard signed

The 1993 Ted Williams set is one that I have been working on getting autographed for years.
Buck Leonard passed away in 1997 at the age of 87, a long time before I started this autographed set, so he was an automatic contest winning pick for me, I really wanted to add him to the set.
Super stoked to have this.

Corky threw in a few extras as well:

Sketch card created for the 1000th Post Contest by Corky
Is that awesome or what!?
I don't know if Corky actually saw that I collect the Animated Batman cards, I'm assuming he did, and created this card especially for me.
So cool.

2012 Leaf Certified #170, 279/999
2016 Panini Press Proof Red

And a few nice special Patriots!

I'd say that that's a pretty sweet package of contest winnings.
Looking forward to the 2500th Post milestone now!


  1. Great addition of a great player. Congrats on the contest win!

  2. Congratulations on your win! Had I won, I would have chosen the Leonard auto as well. And kudos to Shawn for hooking you up with that sweet sketch card too.

  3. Yeah, that Buck Leonard is great, would have loved to have had it. But I was able to get the Monte Irvin Archives auto, and that's pretty darn awesome too, so no complaints whatsoever. Enjoy.

  4. Congrats on the win! Leonard would have been one of my top choices too, but I can't complain about the Ripken rookie!