Wednesday, February 12, 2020

From My Angels Archives - Walter G. Shannon

This letter was given to me a while ago, in a lot of old Angels related stuff, I think by a fellow blogger, but I can't remember who (pretty sure it was not the name blacked out).
This return correspondence, on 1974 Angels letterhead (VERY cool), was written to a fan who apparently was requesting an autograph, but accidentally sent the request to the father of former Cardinal Wally Shannon. At the time, Walter G Shannon (Mar 20, 1907 - July 3, 1994) was the Angels Director of Scouting. 
It's pretty cool that Mr. Shannon would take the time to write, and personally sign, a return letter to the confused fan, and not just toss it all in the waste basket, grumbling that he didn't have time for pesky autograph hounds (Note: WS:jb at the bottom indicates it was typed by someone else, probably Mr. Shannon's secretary).
At any rate, it's very cool to get a non-player autograph of a somewhat behind the scenes, front office guy, although I think Mr. Shannon would have been highly regarded and extremely respected in the industry. Just another part of the overall Angels history.

Interesting tidbits about the Angels Walter Shannon:
He played 6 years in the Minors (1926-1932) mostly as a second baseman.
He was a Cardinals scout under Branch Rickey in the late 50's early 60's, and helped sign Bob Gibson among other eventual Major Leaguers.
He also worked in the Orioles, and Brewers Front Offices, and retired in 1992.
He was the Angels Director of Scouting 1973-1977
 His son Wally Shannon (the target of the autograph request) played for the Cardinals 1959-1960.


  1. What a neat item, with an interesting story.

  2. Very cool. I looked up the Angels' phone number and it is now the number for a business that sells real estate signs.

    1. Hilarious. Artie made his millions in billboards you know.

  3. Very cool piece for your autograph collection.