Saturday, December 31, 2022

December End-of-Month Trade Mail

When I recently started blogging again, I decided to try to keep it simple. I knew that creating a post of every trade that came in, as well as special interest posts, would overwhelm me and I'd quickly burn out again. So I decided that I would just post about any completed set that was the result of trade mail. I would for sure try to at least send an email notifying the trader that the PWE arrived and that I was thankful for it.

That worked for about a month; however, I've always liked to give public credit where credit was due, so now I've decided to create an end-of-month trade mail recap, where I can show all the great cards you have sent in one big post. More manageable for me that way.

I'm starting this monthly post with cards I've recieved since December 27, so I appologise to those of you who have already sent cards, but didn't get a shout-out post for it. Those cards have already been logged and bindered. I know you guys are all saying "Shut up Tom, it's not a big deal," you're all great that way, and I appreciate that.


That sweet 1997 Pinnacle Platinum Red is numbered 1318/3999. Is there a significance to 3999? Why not an even 4000 Platinum Reds? The 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies checklists are interesting. These are the first two I have for this checklist set (10 in all) Does anyone know if these fit together like a poster? The only other non-Angels team sets I'm collecting are the 1954 Bowman and 1960 Topps Dodgers. Always thankful to receive one for those sets. Night Owl send another one earlier in the month.

This fit some nice holes since I'm severly lacking in Angels cards the last several years. Speaking of the Angels, they had better at least make the playoffs this season with both Trout and Ohtani healthy. Right.


  1. Those 2004 Topps checklists do match up like a puzzle. I have a number of them if you are interested in trying to complete it.

  2. Happy New Year! Kinda out of left field, but... are you still building models?

    1. That's awesome! Hope you'll share some of your builds in a future post.

  3. Are you feeling burned out at all yet?