Monday, February 13, 2023

TCDB Completed Transaction #1

Yep, I did it.

I started trading on TCDB. Been a member for a while, but finally started loading my collection. I completed my first TCDB transaction today, and these cards came from non-other than Bo!

Bo was actually third in the queue of trades I've initiated, but the first to complete his end as I received these this morning.
That '73 Topps is the pale orange variation, and the last card needed to complete the team set.

I'm finding that TCDB is a great way to get smaller hits here and there to fill in team needs.
And it's so easy to find those hits.

I'm still cataloging my collection (I'm up to 1993 for my Angels cards), and only sporadically adding trade items. I figure it'll take the year to get that all done. But in the meantime, this is working out great!

Thanks Bo!


  1. Welcome to the club!

    The Witt really stood out to me when pulling your cards, that's a nice card I hadn't appreciated before.

  2. Nice job! Hope we can do a trade soon too.

  3. You couldn't have asked for a better person to make your first trade with.