Thursday, August 3, 2023

Sorry, Never Heard of You

Occasionally in trading, and more so now it seems with TCDB, I come across cards I've never heard of before. Case in point, these 1996 Team Out! cards:

TCDB #115 moose2438

This 101-card set came in the Team Out! Game.
Anyone ever play this card game?
With three Angels in the set, there is a Tim Salmon card I still need.

Jim Abbott looking good in Black Gold.

TCDB #116 cynicalbuddha (Collector's Crack)

Nice to hook up with Mark again, it's been a while.

These 2006 Bazooka Blue Fortune parallels are really pretty.

No, I don't have a Tony Watson PC. I'm not making an investment in Tony Watson cards either. I just need to slow down sometimes when proposing trade offers and double check the quantities!
I only needed one, but accidently asked for two. Live and learn.

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter

Pecking away at this massive set.
And just now realized that there are a bunch of Griffey Jr. variations to get. 


  1. I'm building that Upper Deck set too but without the variations. It is a monster.

  2. I've never played the game... but I have been sent a few of those Team Out! cards as part of care packages over the years. I didn't realize the checklist was that small. Maybe I have an A's team set without even knowing it.

  3. The Team Out's are new to me as well. Not a bad looking set.