Monday, November 20, 2023

What A Poor Little Critter

 New to my unofficial top ten favorite TCDB usernames is "poorlittlecritter". Gotta wonder how that came about.

TCDB #158 poorlittlecritter

Thar Reggie was supposed to be the checklist version, which has the same image on the front. Dumb move Fleer, using the same photo on two different cards. Getting the correct card is in the works.

The Louisville Slugger card is a real gem. And the Salmon has a nice backdrop of the Rams renovation to the Big A.

TCDB #159 abide

The Fun Stuff Ryan caricature looks more like a beedy-eyed George Bush.

This one was a throw-in and very appreciated.

TCDB #160 DukeyDevil


  1. I like the Salmon card with the Big A in the background.

  2. I'm collecting the '81 Star Stickers set, too. That Reggie checklist is one of 20 cards left that I need. Hope I don't get it confused with the other one.

  3. Yup... that Louisville Slugger card of Fred Lynn is awesome! I've been eyeing the Garvey and Nettles cards for my Padres PC for a few years... but refuse to pay the high price tags dealers put on them.

  4. It's great that so many people kept those Louisville Slugger tags, but they sure can be pricey. I was looking at one a few years ago, but eventually just gave up because I didn't want to pay $20 for it.