Friday, November 5, 2010

Tribute to Sparky Anderson

Legendary Hall of Fame Manager Sparky Anderson passed away yesterday. Sparkys' Tigers teams went 100-89 over 17 seasons against the Angels. One of the few winning seasons against him was 1989 when the Angels went 11-1 vs the Tigers. Although the Angels did go 91-71 that season, the Tigers went 59-103, one of their worst, so not a lot of credit to the Angels. I'm glad that we can call him one of our own as Sparky was a TV analyst for one season with the Angels.

Sparky Anderson was a great manager, a colorful guy, and a fan favorite.


  1. He was an awesome guy, the most humble Hall-of-Famer you'll ever see. I wrote up a neet story of when I met him in Cooperstown on my blog - check it out if you have a minute.

  2. Check out our little 3D Google Earth tribute to Sparky. The Detroit Free Press ran a billboard tribute to him last week on the billboard located at the I-696 and I-75 intersection. We are working on a 3D project involving the billboards in Metro Detroit and used Sparky's tribute for the 3D Model. Sparky is now out there for everyone to remember on Google Earth. Fire Up Google Earth and Fly in to see our 3D tribute to Detroit's greatest manager.