Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Trade With Another Schedule Collector

Bob (not sure if he's a reader or not) contacted me.  He had done a search looking for other pocket schedule collectors and came across me.  He was looking for Mets schedules of which I had several but only one he needed.  He on the other hand had more than a few that I needed for my collection.  We made a deal.  I'm happy.

BTW, I have other teams schedules I'm willing to trade away for Angels schedules.
Just let me know.

1974 Busch back.

Several of these schedules filled years I was missing and the others filled backs I was lacking.

1977 JCPenney back.

Some great artwork on those old schedules.

1980 Ralphs back.

If you didn't know, often schedules were issued with the same front but with different sponsors on the back.

1982 Home Savings of America.

My other version is Gemco back.  My mom used to shop at Gemco when I was growing up in So Cal.

1983 Avco back.

Wow, simple at it's simplest.

1988 Budweiser back.

Lanky Mike Witt on the front.

1989 Budweiser back.

The All-Star Game was held at Anaheim Stadium in 1989.

1992 Budweiser back.

Bud was a big sponsor of the Angels in the 80's.

1998 Angels Mastercard back.

The stadium was redesigned in the Disney theme for 1998, and the named changed to Anaheim Angels.

2000 Edison International back.

Hence the changing of the stadium name from Anaheim Stadium to Edison International Field of Anaheim.
(See, this is where all the different names started...)

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  1. Didn't know you did schedules as well. I have some Angels from 1997 and newer. Mostly the newer stuff if you are looking for sponsor variations. Looks like you got some sweet ones in this deal. Love the look of the older stuff