Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Listians, Lend Me Your Ear!

And your eyes too so you can see the cards I've recently been snagging on Listia.

1988 Fleer Baseballs Hottest Stars #21
A little rough, but a Joyner card I needed for the collection.
Classic Joyner shot from the late 80's.

Picked up a 9 card lot of Angels cards but these were the only ones I needed.  
Actually I didn't need the Tim Salmon, but it was a good one to pick up for the trader box.

2008 TriStar Projections.
Snagged this because the Angels recently signed LeBlanc as a free agent.
Hopefully he'll get to pitch for the club, then he'll count towards the All-Time Angels Autograph collection.

2007 Bowman Chrome Draft X-fractor numbered 036/299.
Sweet card.

These are from another 9 card lot, but the only one's I needed.
Another Brandon Wood rookie.  Too bad he never really worked out, I was always a big fan.
Ivan Contreras bounced around in the Angels minors from 2006 to 2010.  In 2011 he went to the Blue Jays.

1992 Upper Deck Team MVP Hologram.
I thought this was a Dennys hologram when I first saw it.
I was unaware of this subset in the 1992 set.

Got these in two separate auctions from the same seller.
My only chrome Angels so far this year.
They're not as scuffed up as the scan makes them out to be.

Won this little Mike Trout card lot.
Both have turned out to be doubles, but you never know at the time.

Christian Yelich of the Marlins?
I can't recall why I bid on this.
I think it was more of an instance where I got it cheap, and saw maybe signs of greatness in him?

Mini Mike Napoli.
Still actively collecting him but I really haven't seen hardly any 2013 Napoli cards.
This is one of maybe two I have for this year.

Another Mike trout insert I need for this year.
I dig his shadow on the wall and the stain on the green area behind him.
Good balance on this card.

2001 Topps Archives.
I have a bunch of these but I need a checklist for the archives Angels to see what else I need for this set. 

Check this out!
I won this lot of Mike Trout cards!
Again I didn't need all of them, but, I won this lot of Mike Trout cards!

Did you notice the difference between these two?

The top card is from the blister pack of American League All-Star cards and is identified by this foil logo.
I kept meaning to pick this pack up to get the card, fortunately now I can save the five bucks.


  1. Glad to see someone still getting so much out of Listia. I've fallen off almost completely (although I did pick up a card about a week ago).

  2. Here is a complete checklist for the 2001 topps archives:

  3. Holy smokes! How many Listia credits do you have? This is quite a haul. Congratulations.

  4. Now I know why I can't afford Angels on Listia.......