Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cards From Andrews Cards

Andrew asked if I wanted to do a blind trade. Yes was my response. There were a few cards in the small stack that I needed.

2012 Archive High Number Jim Abbott #221 SP, 2013 Archives Don Baylor #234 SP
A couple of super great SPs to have, these might complete these two team sets.
Put it on the list to check sometime.

2014 Opening Day Stars
I've pretty much given up on buying packs this year after I went through 20-some Topps Series I rack packs to get the Mike Trout Walmart Variation.
I don't think I
I've bought a pack of Opening Day yet, if I ever even do.

2013 Chasing History
Why did I not already have this card?
You'd think it would be the easiest to get; I already have the foil and the gold.

2013 Bowman Mini
First time I've seen this card.
Pretty cool.

Thanks Andrew.

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