Sunday, November 23, 2014

Patriots 1991 Action Packed Team Set

It's always nice to knock out a team set in one sitting.  Take this 1991 Action Packed Patriots team set.  Knocked it out on Listia in one bid.  I was the only bid.  I like that a lot.

I have the cards in my hand, and after putting them into numerical order, I turned them over face up to put them in the 9-pocket page but noticed that some of the cards were upside down.

I proceeded to put them in the 9-pocket page but obviously put them in heads-up.
Then turning over the page I saw, you guessed it, this:

Again, Whu?

That's just dumb if you ask me.

 I applied a little logic and saw that looking at the front of the cards all the cards with the "backwards" gold foil "L" are the same cards that you would have to rotate counter-clockwise to read the backs.

Go figure.
So I ask again of a card's design, "What the hell is the point of that?"

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