Sunday, December 10, 2017

Red Cardboard Cardboard Purge

Matt at Red Cardboard is cleaning house and offering up a lopsided trade for any takers. He's purging his collection and only asks a half trade in return. He's a giver and he means business.

Look at all the stuff he sent. I had picked out a few items he had shown on his blog, he asked if I'd like ALL of his Angels, I said yes and there's the result.

I picked out a few to highlight.
1964 Topps #255
The '64 Topps design is awesome in it's simplicity.

2014 Prizm Draft Picks Prospect Signatures #62
Verdugo is actually in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, which is always difficult to tell on these Panini cards because they refuse to differentiate between the N.L. Los Angeles team and the A.L. Los Angeles team. It's a sweet card though, so I'm going to hang on to it.

A great selection of Mike Trout cards.
I especially like the 2016 Celebrating 65 Years of Topps card.
There was also a sweet 2017 Topps Fire Fired Up! Gold card but I'm saving that for another post.

2012 Triple Play #275
I was so disappointed when Ryan went into the hall in 1999 as a Ranger.
I always felt he had better statistics, and more success with the Angels.
The HOF even lists his "Primary Team" as the California Angels.
But Ryan chose a Rangers hat. Ouch.
And now the Angels still don't have a HOFer.
Maybe Vladdy will change that soon?

2017 Topps Update #US109, Vintage Stock 48/99
I have so few of these Vintage Stock parallels in my collection it's always exciting to get one.

Fleer 1969-1971 Baseball Quiz Card
Hopefully you all know that I collect Fleer Team Logo Stickers, I've completed several sets already.
The precursor to those sticker cards were these Baseball Quiz Cards.
Besides those I have for the Angels, this Reds card gets me going on collecting these sets.

1987 Fleer Baseball Sticker
Yep Fleer Baseball Logo Stickers.
This Giants sticker was the last one I needed to complete the 1987 set.

Much appreciated Matt.
I hope you liked the return package.


  1. Nice haul! I had tried to snag the Verdugo auto from Matt but was just a bit too late. If you'd be interested in trading it for some Angels, just let me know.

  2. Man, i thought with the jersey colors, he was an angel.