Friday, August 24, 2018

Indians For Other Stuff I Like

Reader, and Indians collector, Tim, sent a bunch of cards in return for a bag of Indians cards I sent him. More often than not, whenever I pull a new Indians card, I can expect Tim to put a claim to it, so I'll set those aside until I get a small stack, and then we'll do a trade. That's usually how it works for all of us right? Tim's return managed to hit several of my narrower collections this time, and I'm really pleased with that.
1993 Triple Play Action Baseball #18 and #28

PC Vladimir Guerrero 1998 Collectors Choice #166 and Starquest SQ9

2007 Upper Deck Triple Play #TP-GS

 PC Tim Salmon

2015 Topps First Home Run FHR-6

Checklists, Info, and Code Cards

Always nice trading Indians for Other Stuff I Like, Tim.

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