Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lacking Cleverness

Love getting a note with a package.
Love it because this saves me from having to think of something clever to write, and these past few months my creativity has been focused on other things. So, little notes like this are much appreciated. I need to start doing more of this in trade packages rather than the old standby "Hope you enjoy the cards".

1965 Topps #422

One to knock off of my Toms Top Ten Wants List!
Thank you Commish!


  1. I suck at writing notes. I'm totally guilty of being the guy who write "enjoy the cards" on a small post-it note. Heck... I think in my last round of packages, there were some packages that didn't even contain a post-it note.

  2. Oddly the day I sent that your way I also sent an envelope to Joe Shlabotnik and later discovered that I'd left my clever note to him on my desk. Win some, lose some.