Friday, August 7, 2020

Freebies From Cards on Cards

It's been a while since I had selected a few freebies on Kerry's blog, so I had forgotten that I had done so. That means that I was surprised to open up the package from Kerry and find some really cool Angels-related stuff. It also means I probably owe him something in return. 

I did a big mailing at the start of the year, and planned on doing another around mid-year. Wouldn't you know it, mid-year has come and gone. Good thing I keep a log of who has sent me stuff. Hopefully I can get going on my second round of mailings soon.

1990 Baseball Cards Magazine #49-51
Kerry had a bunch of oversized stuff he was giving away included some sheet cards. I love sheet cards, and I do whatever it takes to keep from cutting them. I even had my wife use her sewing machine once to sew a sheet protector into two vertical halves so I could store two cards sheets in it. She understands me.
1987 Topps Box Panels, Panel G-H
Always nice to see an Angel on a box bottom panel. These were smaller than the standard card size, more like mini size.
1991 Baseball Cards Magazine #46-48
The Cobra only had a brief stay with the Halos (119 games in 1991) but he managed to make it onto one of the Baseball Cards Magazine sheets as an Angel.

1990 Topps Magazine #TM19
Like I said, I don't like to cut up card sheets to separate the Angels, so I'll have to keep an eye out for this full 8-card sheet.

Nice assortment of current Angels cards, which is great because packs of cards are still scarce around here. And I dont live in the boonies, I'm in the DFW metroplex. I went out again today to find cards and came up short.

2009 Upper Deck Team USA National Team USAB-MD
Picking off cards from these 2008 USA Team sets I'm building is about the going rate, so I'm always thankful to get even one.

Like I said, I'm hoping to start my second round of mailings soon, but please don't anyone hold your breath!


  1. I didn’t realize that the 1987 Topps box bottoms were smaller than the regular cards. Hard to believe Sutton was still throwing at that age. Cool cards!

  2. Love the Baseball Card Magazine and Topps Magazine cards. The box bottom (or box side) cards are cool too.