Monday, August 31, 2020

The Problem With Leader Cards

The problem with leader cards, or any multi-team card for that matter, is that they often don't show up on team checklists. It's gotten much better for the kids these days with TCDB, but I built most of my Angels team sets before TCDB came online, and now I'm realizing that I need to go back through all my team sets (like that will ever happen) and try to find all the missing leader cards. Which really stinks because I thought that I had most of those team sets already completed.

How this came up was my discovery of this card that Diamond Jesters had recently posted on a Time Travel Trading Update:

1971 Topps #67 with Clyde Wright

It looked unfamiliar to me, so I checked my team set. Interesting, my team set had a stickie on it with a checkmark. Thats how I notate that the team set is complete. Except that this card wasn't a part of it.
"Damn" I said in my head. Then I asked Diamond Jesters for the trade.

So I went TCDB and guess what? Sure enough I'm lacking two MORE cards:
#61 Batting Leaders with Alex Johnson
#664 Rookie Pitchers with Archie Reynolds

Oh the trials and tribulations that come with team collecting!


  1. I'm not as diehard of a team set collector as others... but if I was, this would definitely bug me. Good to know that TCDB is a nice resource to fix that problem though.

  2. I can see how this would be annoying, especially since I'm guessing that #664 might set you back a few bucks, what with it being a high number and all.

  3. Totally feel this. I only just realized that some of the highlights mentioned on the backs of some of the 1972 In Action cards involve Giants so of course I had to get those.

  4. I'm not a fan of Leader cards. That would tick me off a bit. You seemed to have handled it well, uttering only the mildest of profanities. LOL.