Saturday, September 5, 2020

Todays TTM Return From Vic Voltaggio

Vic Voltaggio was the AL Umpire behind the plate for the Langston/Witt No-Hitter in 1990. He umpired in the American League from 1977-1996, and was also behind the plate for the Chris Bosio's no-hitter with the Mariners in 1993, but I was more concerned about that one with the Angels, for my All-Time Angels Collection.

The first time I sent a couple cards to Voltaggio was back in 2013 and he nicely signed those on the front (note that) and answered a few questions. Recently, I was sorting some cards and came across a couple different Langston/Witt no-hitter cards and thought again about Voltaggio. 

Now normally, when I send someone a card and they're not pictured on the card, I put a stickie on the back that says "Please sign the front." I do that because these guys are polite and they dont want to sign across the face of someone else, unless they are asked to do so. Well, I forgot the stickies in this case and guess what happened? 
He signed on the back. Good old Vic Voltaggio. That doesn't bother me one bit though. I've been collecting autographs long enough to be thankful for whatever I get in return. I'm just appreciative he took the time to sign them. Oh, and he took the time to answer a few questions too.

This was sent to Vic's home in Florida, and returnd in 8 days.