Thursday, September 17, 2020

Nolan Ryan Binder Tour - Exhibit A

Various clippings and odd keepsakes found in my Nolan Ryan Binder.
Exhibit A

1996 Advil Advertisement
Probably cut from the coupon section in the Sunday paper. Ryan was a spokesman for Advil for several years in the '90s. Kind of a generic picture of him sitting in insleeves and baseball pants in an unidentified dugout. He's looking pretty serious, like he has a headache and needs an Advil.

Along with the dollar off of Advil, you also had the opportunity to send away for this sweet 27-card Nolan Ryan Career Retrospective set from Pacific. Honestly I had forgotten about this set until I was making this post. I don't have the set, but in researching it for the post my desire to have one escalated, so I just purchased one on ebay.

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  1. Had to go to COMC to see what the cards looked like. Cool looking set. Don't think I've seen them before and I don't remember if I ever stumbled across this add or not. Pretty cool collectible though.