Friday, October 30, 2020

Model Building Update

 Here's the latest builds that I've completed, all based on the Ford Model T. I love Model T's.

I've never built a traditional long-nose, or rail, dragster. It was not an easy build, and the decals were crap, but I managed to pull off a decent looking Model T dragster.
This kit version is a re-release from 2007.

I decided to go hot rod with the Tall-T portion of this two-car kit. I wish it had come with red-tinted windows, that would have looked awesome.
This version of this kit was released in the mid 60's. I dig the old box art.

I had been wanting to do a more tradition Tall T version, but could not bring myself to paint it all black, which would have been more accurate. I went with a plum body color instead to break it up a bit.
This version of this kit was released in the early 70's.

More cars are in the works.


  1. Now you're just missing the Munster Koach, and DRAG-U-LA :)

  2. Fantastic job. These are absolutely gorgeous. I hope there is a model building club (or class) in my area when I retire in a decade or so. I'd love to take up this hobby one day. Right now... things are way too hectic though.

  3. I love model building! Airplanes are my interest, but you nailed these for sure!