Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pink Means Awareness

Collecting Cutch is raising funds this month to contribute to breast cancer awareness. For several years now he only posts pink cards in the month of October and with each comment he'll donate a dollar to help towards breast cancer early detection. What a great effort.

I'm creating this post with pink cards because Cutch will also donate a dollar for every comment on OTHER bloggers awareness posts. I wont be able to keep up with only pink cards for the whole month, so I'll knock out five with this one post.

I decided I'd dig through my box of special top-loader cards and pick out the first five I see with pink. Here they are:

2013 Topps Update US33 Pink 14/50
Initially I wasn't impressed with the pink parallels for 2013, especially since the sea turtle design is in red (at least on the Angels cards) and gets lost in the pink. They've since grown on me but I still wich the sea turtle was in black or a color that stands out more.

1971 Dolly Madison
I was 7 when I pulled this card from a box of Zingers, it's the card I've had longest in my collection.

1989 Topps #573
I remember how badly I wanted one of these cards when they came out in 1989. It didn't take me to get one, but it wasn't until several years later that I finally sent one TTM for his autograph.

1980 TCMA Baseball Immortals #171
Al Kaline has always been a pretty good TTMer, so I took the opportunity to get his autograph on this one long before he started asking for a fee.

1992 Kenner Starting Lineup
Its probably time to revisit my Angels needs for Starting Lineup cards. I'm pretty sure that Im close to having them all. This 1992 reminds me of some of the A&G framed minis.


  1. That's an interesting group.

    Comic strip Hall of Famer.
    One-armed pitcher.
    MLB Hall of Famer.
    An ex of Tawny Kitaen's.

    Kaline retired with 399 homers. (sigh)

  2. Love that Linus card!

    Good Job. 👍

  3. Can't decide if I like the Linus or the Abbott auto better.

  4. Wow, that Linus is awesome! That one's going straight to the want list.

  5. I need one of those Linua cards

  6. That Linus card is cool. 10x cooler that you actually pulled that from a box of Zingers yourself. Love the inclusion of a Kenner SLU card too. Didn't even think to look in that binder when I was coming up with my pink post.

  7. Sorry for the delay in commenting. Thank you for the support. That Linus card is awesome!!! When I was younger my dad tried teaching me to throw like Jim Abbot so that I could appreciate the adversity he faced in becoming a MLB pitcher. I'm forever grateful for my dad doing that as it helped shape my perception on life