Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I Love Discovering Rediscover Topps

 These came from Night Owl.

I love these inserts. I've said before that I think its one of the greatest Topps gimmicks ever. How awesome would it be to chase team sets of these? Awesome, but I think nearly impossible. And that would be extremely frustrating. So in the mean time, I'll gladly accept, and love, any that come my way.

2002 Topps Gallery Auction Topps Bucks
At first I thought that this card was one in a small subset of game cards. It appears that it's the only one in the subset. Too bad, would have a made a sweet little set of different ballplayers faces on paper money.

Two more for the #444 set.

And all the rest.
After I add the Ohtani to my Angels binder, 2020 Topps Scratch-Offs might be a nice set to add to my game card sets wantlist. I'm considering it.

Love the new business card.


  1. You're a lot more fascinated by those buybacks than I am. But I'm glad you like!

  2. Very nice selection of cards, congrats!

  3. Love the Gallery Auction Bucks. Bench was in the 2001 set... and Mays was featured in 2003.