Saturday, June 17, 2023

TCDB Transactions #82 thru #86

 TCDB #82 and #83 bcmeeker

The '89 Donruss is the stupid "* DENOTES *"variation but needed for the PC.

The '91-92 Upper Deck is a hologram variation.

I really like the Game Day design, but don't like that size of card. Would have been a great design for a standard sized card.

Twenty-five more.

During the original proposal, Brian let me know that he discovered that several of the cards I had asked for were water damaged and stained, so I opted out from those. Later though, he offered those cards in a second transaction for free.
I accepted and will use these as filler until I can trade for better copies.
Super nice of Brian.

TCDB #84 JaysFan

Nothing fancy, but all good stuff that I needed.

TCDB #85 and #86 borosny
1971 Topps Coins Checklists - two different variations
All three Tanana cards are variations.

Less than a week later we set up another trade:
Larry Pardo...I thought "Isn't he a game show announcer? No, that's Don Pardo. No relation.

I love the 1999 Upper Deck Abbott card, especially since he's batting. One of his last cards as a player.
Another for this set build.


  1. Ideally, it would've been nice if the Game Day set could've been normal sized, but if it had been they probably would've had to crop out most of what makes the set so neat.

  2. Always great trading with you! The only thing I have left to put on my TCDB tradelist is all my miscellaneous stuff - sweepstakes inserts, puzzle pieces, stickers, etc. Once that done it's going to be great to see what I have that you need!

  3. Just looked up that game Day set to see if all the photos were cropped like that Hodson to take advantage of the format and man could we use that attention to detail in today's sets.

    Also. Any photo of Abbott batting is a winner.