Thursday, June 29, 2023

TCDB Transactions #97 jarchiable, #98 borosny, and #99 nkandy11

Knocking on the door of 100 trades through TCDB.

TCDB #97 jarchiable

1993 Donruss - Spirit of the Game
I had never seen this card before, so cool front and back.
Safe, by the way.

The photo of Boggs reminded me of a blogger who used to collect cards showing commemorative uniform patches like the JRY on his sleeve. Who was that?

TCDB #98 borosny

Fourth trade with Bo, I was hoping he'd be the 100th, so close!
Twenty-two more Fleer stickers for the massive set with variations.

2011 Allen & Ginter Promo - Clock Variation.
There are ten different times on the clock in the mirror. You have to hold it up to an actual mirror to see the correct time (my head couldn't compute it without it). This one is 1:14. I still need the 1:19, 3:14, 4:00, and 7:27 cards.
TCDB does not have all the variations listed.

TCDB #99 nkandy11

Those two 1998 Panini Revolution are pretty trippy.


  1. Those Pacific Revolution cards do look pretty shiny for non-parallel cards.

  2. JRY patch is in memory of Mrs Jean Yawkey

  3. Thanks for another fun trade!

    Cards as I see them/GCRL is the blogger who collects those cards with the patches visible.

  4. The Ginter code contests seemed like a really fun idea. I wonder why Topps quit doing them.