Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angels in the Packs Day

Bought 3 packs today, each had at least one Angels card. Todays my kinda day!

I needed to go buy some padded envelopes at Walmart at lunch today. I cant seem to ever pass up the card aisle, so I stopped to search some 2011 rack packs. Several packs in I spotted an Angel as the top card of the bottom blister. I decided that I must have it. First Angels card of the day Howie Kendrick.

A few cards under that, BANG! Danny Haren Topps Town TT-2 for Angels card #2.

Then I moved to the top blister, and I came across this card: Nolan Ryan 60 Years of Topps 60YOT-27. Third Angels card of the day.

3 Angels cards in one rack pack. And my awesome day was just beginning.

Along with the Angels were some other really nice inserts like this Stan Musial The Lost Cards 60YOTLC-10.

Topps 60 Felix Hernandez #T60-8.

Diamond Anniversary Seth Smith #301. I'd have to say I'm not a fan of these. I have yet to see one that really catches my eye.

Champions of Games and Sports David Price KC-15.

Diamond Duos Cobb/Cabrera DD-CC. Maybe it's just me but everytime I see these cards I first read them as Diamond Duds.

And of course a Diamond Giveaway. I'm going to hold off on redeeming these for a while. I haven't seen anyone getting any decent cards yet.

On the way home from work at the end of the day, I figured I'd stop by the local Dollar Tree to see if they had any new dollar packs of cards. I cleaned them out on 2008 Upper Deck X last year.

I found one pack of X and a pack of 2008 UD Timeline. All the rest of the cards they had were either Hockey - blech, Basketball - boring, or Ninja Turtles...nah.

Timeline is the pack I opened first.

And what did I find? Mark Teixeira #9. Woohoo! Fourth Angels card today!

Also in the pack were some nice base set cards...

A Yankees Legacy which I'll throw on the stack to sell or trade later...

And a J.R. Towles rookie. Nice looking card.

I kinda like these 2008 Timeline cards. I might see if I can pick up some more packs. My birthday IS coming up....

Next pack to open was the Upper Deck X. I love this set. I'm close to completing the set of base cards, and Die Cuts. I just can't pass a pack of these up.

Will my Angels luck continue?


Even though I already had it, it's still and Angels in a pack. Fifth and final Angels of the day. The reat of the pack contains #9 Brian Roberts. Got it.

A-Rod Die Cut #68. Needed it.

Carl Crawford Gold Die Cut #93. Needed it.

A dupe of Prince Fielder.

And finally an Xponential Ivan Rodriguex X-IR.

3 packs = 5 Angels and a nice day.


  1. Nice pulls. It's always a good day when you pull Halos, no matter what the product.

    I'll have to put together my doubles for you, I'm an Angels only collector at this point. We need to trade.

    And I love those Diamond parallels, I dunno why, I love the shiney.

  2. Well, Cabrera would be considered a dud.