Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Todays Mail: HUGE!

One of the biggest mail return days I think that I've ever had.

Good guy Dyar Miller signed and returned his 1975 Topps #614 rookie card, and a 1982 Topps #178 in 11 days. He was nice enough to include a signed business card. Glad to see he's still involved with baseball.

If you look closely you'll see that he used a blue sharpie, black sharpie and black ballpoint on the cards. He knows what the fans like.

I think I'll take him up on including his email address, and send a note of thanks. Hopefully he'll respond.

Mr. Miller also answered a couple questions. I'm glad that he confirmed some of my all-time favorite Angels as "Good players". I'm assuming that means good guys and good teammates as well. Dyar Miller is now officially on that list.

Next up Bob Boone signed a 1974 Topps #131 and a 1984 Topps #520 for my Angels set. He returned these from the Nationals in 32 days. Nice blue sharpie signatures. I love blue sharpies.

Chris Bando signed his 1981 Topps #451 rookie card, and put a nice DNA thumbprint on it. The 1983 and 1984 Topps are additions to my signed sets. These were returned in only 40 days from the school he's a baseball coach at.

Mr. Bando also answered a couple questions about the faith we share. He's a good Christian man, that Chris Bando.

Angels Great Doug DeCinces was kind enough to sign his 1975 Topps #617 rookie card, and 2 Angels cards for my collection; a 1986 Topps and a 1985 Donruss Diamond Kings. A couple brief answers rounded out this nice 13 day return.

Larry Haney signed and returned after 60 days his 1968 Topps and reverse-negative 1969 Topps cards. They make a nice side-by-side combination...but is he a lefty or a righty?

And finally pitcher Scott Ruskin autographed a 1991 Upper Deck, 1992 Topps Stadium Club, and 1992 Donruss. I love every variation of Expos uniforms, right up there with Angels and Braves uniforms.

Wow what a great day.

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