Monday, April 2, 2012

Cheap Wax From Listia

1992 Front Row Draft Picks.
Maybe I'll get an awesome insert card like that of an autographed HOFer!

Nope.  Keith Johnson played in 6 games for the Angels in 2000, his only MLB experience, other than that I don' think I've ever heard of any of these guys.  Jon Liebers name sounds a little familiar though.

And my favorite card of the pack?
Because I dig the scripted CALIFORNIA on the uniform.
Check out little Jonny in his backyard swingin for the fences!

How about this pack of 1995 Bowman?  Anything good in there?

Nah, except for maybe the ALL-FOIL PROSPECT CARD IN EVERY PACK.

Yep, I'd say that was a good hit.

1995 Bowman Derek Jeter Foil #229. 


  1. Huhn. I didn't know those Front Row cards were sold in packs, for some reason I thought they were only distributed as promo cards...

    Lieber actually had a pretty decent career. No idea who that guy is from the Yankees though... ;)

  2. I refuese to believe that Jeter was ever a "far-ranging" shortstop.