Monday, April 16, 2012

A Trade Post I Got Right

After messing up my last trade post by losing my notes and not giving a shoutout to those who sent me cards, I was careful to keep organized for this one.

Someday I'll do a post on a single package and show every card therein, but often there are just too many cards in the package to scan and mention each one.  So usually, as in this post, I'll pick a hand full of my favorites in each package to show you.

First up, cards from Baseball Dad.

The verdict is still out on these gold cards, although this is a good one of Tyler Chatwood.
He really stands out from the background.

Dad saw my post on 2012 Heritage I needed for my team set so he sent this Jeremy Moore 2012 Rookie Stars card.

Three Salmon.
The first one is a 1996 Collectors Choice You Crash The Game #CG8.
Talk about a stunning card!
The second is a nice 1994 Fleer from the Tim Salmon ROY set.
And on the end is another Salmon I needed from 1994 Fleer Sunoco Atlantic set.

Nice selection of Rod Carew in Angels gear.
There was also a nice selection of cards from the 80's and 90's, and a nice bunch of 2012 Topps off my Want list.  He completed a couple sets! 

Cardboard Catastrophe also saw my Heritage Angels post and sent over two of the cards I needed:

The Jered Weaver is an SP #497, so I'm especially happy to get that one.
Also in envelop was this card:

Now I'm not a big fan of the "shirtless ballplayer" card, but this being a Nolan Ryan card I'll have to overlook his partial nudity.

Padrographs had a post showing the bu-zillion Heath Bell autographs he'd gotten. I needed one of the signed testimonial cards for my collection (to be highlighted on a Bible card Sunday post), so I asked if he had an extra. He did, and sent it with a short stack of Angels.

There's the Heath Bell card in green sharpie.  Is there a story behind the green sharpie?

I liked the framing in this picture of CJ Wilson.

And this Peter Bourjos card is a Gold Rush.
Remember when Score used to have their Gold Rush cards?

Also in the package from Padrographs were a bunch of 2012 Topps, Opening Day and Heritage Angels from my wantlists.

And finally, Potch Wheeler also sent a stack of Angels after I had asked about his Heritage dupes. Although he didn't have any of the Heritage Angels I needed, I was very happy to get some other Angel cards I was lacking.
See? this is a Cognac that just doesn't work for me.  Too much Cognac and not enough Izturis.
That ball's about to bean him you know.

Nice little group of minis from 1987 Fleer and 1987 Topps Leaders.
I don't think I already have that Joyner.

Two 2011 Topps Update Walmart Blue cards.

Two of the four in the Angels team set from the 1987 Fleer Award Winners box set.
I just need John Candalaria and Mike Witt now.  Sweet!

Potch also sent a bunch of 1977-1982 Patriots cards for collection.
I really appreciate those too!

Thanks all.


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  2. Glad I could help ! My youngest son collects Salmon so I always pick up a lot of him and usually end up with a lot of duplicates.