Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lots-O-Salmon on Sportlots

Had a little bit of dough left in Paypal so I decided to go for some 1993-1994 Pinnacle-Fleer type Tim Salmon cards. You know, all those sweet designs on a multitude of insert and subset cards produced in the 90's.

You gotta love it.  And at about .20 a card.....

Beautiful 1993 Leaf, Gold Leaf Rookies #10.  Love this design.

The back is pretty sweet too:
Great shot of Timmy swinging for the fences in the forground of a decent afternoon crowd at the Big A, the Rams years.

Three more (from a set of 15) 1994 Fleer, Tim Salmon AL Rookie of the Year.
These are cards #13, 14, and 15.  I still need cards  1-3, 5, and 8-11.

1994 Fleer Ultra, Award Winners, AL Rookie of the Year #24.

A Pair of 1994 Pinnacle, Churchs Hometown Stars #9, regular and gold versions.

From the great 1994 Ted Williams set this Dawning Legacy #160.
I love the Ted Williams sets.  Someday I'll try to collect the entire series.

Nice four pack from 1994 Pinnacle.  Museum Collection #9, New Generation #NG1, The Run Creators #RC13, and Power Surge #PS4.  For a set builder the multitudes of subsets and inserts would be excruciating to collect, but for a team collector, or in this case a player collector, I dig trying to get all the versions for a specific player.

I can't remember if this was part of a trade, or I picked it up at the LCS.
1999 Topps, 1998 Topps All-Topps Designated Hitters #456.
Classic Tim Salmon batting stance.

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  1. Gotta love those 90's inserts. I believe I have most of those Salmons myself with the exception of that Power Surge card.