Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Checklist Found

This is Checklist 2, card #595 from the 1995 Fleer set.
I came across it in a junk box of mine when I was pulling some cards for team collectors.
I know that Fleer always issues their sets with the team cards in numerical order, so I took a quick peek to see if the Angels were on this card.

Yep, and on the back again.  And this is an Angels checklist card I didn't already have.  Well, technically I did have it I just didn't know I had it.

I don't particularly care that Fleer used the same image on both the front and back.
(Any guesses as to who that is pictured?)

The only real differences between the front and the back are the use of foil on the front, and the card number on the back.

I think they could have tried a little harder.