Saturday, September 15, 2012

Set Filler - ARPSmiths

What started out as a trade for this card:

Turned into a set and team set want list filling.
The 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Vladdy Swatch numbered 14/15 is a beautiful card.
When I offered ARPSmiths a 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Barry Zito Jersey, Green #08/25 
I didn't really think he'd have a comparable Angels card, but boy did he!

He then went on to pull and send a bunch of cards I needed for my sets.

I'm slowly accumulating the Angels from this years Panini Triple Play.  
This Jered Weaver card is awesome.

Adam knocked off 14 cards from the 2008 UD Timeline want list.  
Getting oh so closer to completing this one.

Got 2 more 2011 Ginters for the Angels team set.

This refractorness didn't scan so well but it's a Mark Trumbo Chrome Refractor.

There we a couple 1983 Topps Angels cards in there that I needed.

Four more 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Pro-Sigs.

Two 2011 Topps Finest Angels cards.

And two 2011 Topps Gold cards of Howie Kendrick.

Along with those shown were a handful of other recent Angels cards needed to fill the binder pages of my team albums.

All good stuff for this Angels collector.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards and thanks for the trade. I am finally around to posting about our trade today, sorry it took so long.