Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chrome Rack (Hangar) Pack

I will always call these rack packs.  When did they start calling them hangar racks?  Oh well.

Chrome is just not enough bang for the buck with only 4 cards a pack.  Yes the Orange Refractors are cool, but I've never been a big fan of the chrome cards anyhow.

The thing about chrome is that you always have to hold the card just right in order to see all the details.  You can't just look at it without touching it.  Chrome requires the use of the hands.  But too much use of the hands and you get them all smudged up. Then there's scratching, blah, blah, blah.

Too complex for me.

I'm not saying chrome doesn't have a place in my collection, I'm just not a collector of chrome...unless it's Angels chrome.  And there are some pretty sweet chrome cards out there especially when you get into the Atomic Refractors and such.

So I bought a rack pack.  Let's see if I got an Angel. (I got the cards mixed up so this isn't in pack order for you searchers out there).

Yep.  An Angel.  Can you believe that this is Torii Hunters 16th season?  He played 11 seasons with the Twins before he even came to the Angels 5 years ago.  And he's still awesome.

#51 Torii Hunter - Angels
#177 Jarrod Parker - A's
#171 Michael Taylor - A's
#97 Yadier Molina - Cardinals
#132 Adrian Beltre - Rangers
#38 Andrew McCutchen - Pirates

#210 Carlos Beltran Refractor - Cardinals
#210 Carlos Beltran - Cardinals
#129 Ivan Nova - Yankees

#42 Zack Cozart X-fractor - Reds
#24 Buster Posey - Giants
#95 Matt Garza - Cubs

 And the three orange Refractors: