Friday, June 14, 2013

Anyone Need Some Update Cards?

I bought a lot on ebay that included these sets:
1987 Fleer Update
1992 Topps Traded
1993 Topps Traded

I also recently ripped a box of 1991 Topps Traded wax packs.

After pulling out the Angels, major rookies (ie Greg Maddux, Pudge, etc), and all the Team USA cards, all the rest are available for trade.

I also set the 1987 Fleer Mickey Hatcher aside because I thought I remembered someone having it on their Top Ten Want list (let me know if it's you).

Teams collectors, player collectors, whatever, let me know what you want and send me some Angels in return.


  1. If you have/are willing to give up the '93 Topps Traded Mike Piazza card, I'd love to have it.

    I just mailed off some cards to you today.

  2. I have a pair of '12 Bowman Platinum "Top Prospects" (Cole and Taillon) that I'll swap ya for the '93 Traded Benito Santiago and however many '92 Traded Padres you can spare.

  3. I'll pull them for you. Email me your address.

  4. I need the following Red Sox Traded cards.

    1992 Topps Traded
    32T John Flaherty
    52T Butch Hobson
    125T Frank Viola
    131T Herm Winningham

    I'd take any other Red Sox stuff you might have also.

    And if there is any chance at all you would trade that Astros Yearbook with Virdon on the cover...