Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Thought I Hit The Jackpot Today

You know that feeling you get when you're thumbing through cards and something is not quite right, then you take a look closer and you think you've found a one-of-a-kind error card?  
Happened to me today at my LCS.

I was thumbing through 1991 Stadium Club baseball looking for for Dave Gallagher (the last Angels card I need for the team set) and for Gary Green (I'm sending out a Team USA card for him to sign and wanted to include this one as well).

I found the Gallagher but not the Green (isn't that always the case?).

But in the midst of thumbing I saw this guy:

We all know who this is right?
Otis Nixon?

But when I glanced down at the name...

Alex Cole.

Now granted Alex Cole could be Otis Nixon's son, there are some similarities.
But Alex Cole is No Otis Nixon.

But Sweet!
I just found a one-of-one error card!

But no I didn't.

After some research this is a fairly well known UER (uncorrected error) worth about 50 cents.
Ah well.

But take a look at this:

Now this ebay listing really doesn't make sense.
Would you sign a picture of yourself (albeit on the wrong card) but state that it isn't you?
Red flag!